And nobody smiled when we knew what was lost
We knew well enough only
time proves the cost

Recently there have been a number of  unwarranted attacks and unjustified comments directed at this site. A very small minority have sought to question the very notion of what has been achieved. What is clear is that the vast majority of fans have welcomed a site dedicated to the late Mr Adamson and have posted very positive comments. The site stats posted earlier show how well received and respected this site is. Long may that continue.

It is not for us or indeed any particular fan to speak on behalf of the Band and the Late Mr Adamson. They have their own voice and no doubt will express in what ever way they feel appropriate their thanks to the fans . This website is for the fans and operated by a fan. It does not crave official recognition. It speaks from the heart as many will testify.

The campaign for the bench was led by the fans. A way of showing our respect for a man who gave so much to us all. It may come as a great surprise to us all that some question the motives behind the bench.

Clearly there are differing views as to how Mr Adamson life should be celebrated. It is not for this site to dictate that. Rather it is for the fans and if appropriate his family to point the way. All voices should be heard.

It is hoped those few who have expressed negative thoughts can engage with us all and celebrate this unique music. It was written from the heart and should be cherished.

kind regards

Gwenda Matthews

And nobody smiled when we knew what was lost
We knew well enough only time proves the cost


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