There comes a time when a big decision has to be made, and I've made one. I feel that after 32 years of dedicated service to Big Country, I need to dedicate some time to myself, so I am announcing my retirement from the band as of now. I have no wish to declare any reasons other than my time with the group has come to an end. After 32 years of incredible highs and a very tragic low, I feel that now is the time to look to new horizons.

My deepest love and thanks go to: Ian, Stuart, Bruce, Mark, and the many associated families and friends (and not forgetting my own family that have been an inspiration and massive support) that have so enriched my life. Many thanks to Mike and Jamie for the past two years. Also, a big thank you to you, the fans, that have supported us throughout this incredible life experience; without you, this group would not have achieved anything.

Time to move on. Good luck one and all.

TB 2012

Bruce Watsons Response



Nothing much to say really. Mike, Mark, Jamie and I will be continuing as BC. Tony announced his retirement to us during the last tour. The basic truth is we cannot continue working with Ian Grant. We have agreed to pay Stuart's estate a percentage of our earnings which Ian Grant is meant to pay to them. We, the band found out half way through the gigs that he wasn't paying them. Most of us in the band find this disgusting, immoral and probably illegal. In fact I am still waiting for his accounts and money that is due to me from the festivals. Ian also had a go at Mike for advertising his Love Hope Strength charity. He told him he should have asked our permission to advertise. I said Mike didn't have to as it was for an important charity. Ian runs this site which we paid £5000 for and we have no control over. We asked him for passwords but he refused. There is much more but I will not divulge.

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