Fellow BC fans.

I've taken a stab at creating what I THINK is the world's first Big Country podcast. It's called "The Great Divide," and the first episode, split into two segments, is centered around The Crossing. If you're not familiar with what a music-related podcast entails, it's basically a nerd, in this case me, "geeking out" on their favorite band, playing clips, interviews, etc. in wh…at's sort of like a talk-radio format. The first segment features an excruciatingly boring personal introduction, talks about the musical climate of 1983, early days of the band, features clips and an interview with Steve Lillywhite. The second segment is a track-by-track analysis of The Crossing album, comparing demos with final versions, playing some live clips and ending with an interview with the band from 1983. Would love some feedback on it and hope to make it grow from here. Think of it as an "aural fanzine" for BC.OK,
First segment
Second segment


Thanks, and let me know what you think! As things develop, I plan to create a website around this and put these up on iTunes, but for now … it is a no-frills affair.

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