Fragments of images, emotion comes in waves, red bandana tied around his neck, eyes holding deep sorrow, mouth opened wide as his soul poured forth in song, fingers gambling upon strings as he poured forth his heart.

Release of his personal Shadows into the Light where they dispersed, and all was put right for a time, ah but only for a time…How he shusshed his audiences, and they fell into silence, how he bade them to chant, to release with him and to sing, “share in the song” that lived in their hearts, and they sang really without the need for bidding.

Thru his living, thru his giving, thru his darkness, and thru his light,
he took us, his fans with him into his Vision,  in and thru his Dream, he carried us the way a hero carries his beloved knowing full well he was carrying. But, as he carried us,  he carried himself and his life as well. Just the same as any one of us do. A Simple Man, a Troubled Man, a Humble Man, a “Country Boy at Heart” carried on and away from where and what he longed to be, taken “further from his need”. Images come in fragments, emotion comes in waves.  Heart wrenching sadness that with all the “love, hope, strength” that you gave to us Stuart you were so deeply hidden within your own heart wrenching sadness that you would not be found, could not be saved…

And now, 10 years later, so many “seconds of my life that really count for anything” are so tightly tied to you Stuart, and all you gave.  Now, 10 years after you  left your body, your Spirit comes to me in song, in images of you skipping across a stage, freely
in images of you smiling sweetly with such emotional sincerity your Hopes, your Love, your Visions, your Dreams.

That is the Stuart who I, and many fans, have spent nearly a lifetime loving in every phase, in every note played, in the quiver of your voice as you sing the word, “moon”.  Be at Peace. Your songs live on forever with all the images and all the emotions.  Like it or not, to many, you will always remain a Hero.  For the life you did live, “with all the Courage” that it took for you to Stay Alive for as long as you could.  Now we know, that as you were saying it to us, you said it to yourself that much the more strongly.  We wish you hadn’t done it… had held on and reached out, We construct fantasy Time Machines in our minds and put ourselves there to save you.  But it happened. We heal.  And we, your fans still love you, Stuart, in full.  There where you are now, beyond words, beyond your death, beyond images and emotions is the deepest Love and Respect.  You are still our Courageous Hero, you are our Message of Love…………

“Your name will never die,
this time will be forever.” 

Stuart Adamson R.I.P.

 By: Bonnie Boyle

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