Stuart Speaks – Through A Big Country 1990, Country Club Issue 18

“I’d like to take this chance to write a little bit about some of the moments I remember most vividly within B.C.  These are just a few of the moments that have made it all magic for me.  There are hundreds more but this is a selection.

1) Gigs – anywhere, anytime.  This has always been the main thing for me.  To have that direct contact with people and to feel the instinctive emotional pull of music has never lost its strength.  I think in the past seven or eight years, there have only been five shows that I haven’t enjoyed.  Thats a tribute to people who come to see us as much as the band.

2) First demo’s – the first time Bruce and I played with Tony and Mark and knew that the songs and ideas we had would come to fruition.  We met at the Polgram Studios in the West of London and recorded three tracks with no rehearsals and they just worked.

3) In a Big Country demo – we had recorded the music during the day and I had an idea for a vocal melody.  I was staying with Les King and I’m sure I kept him up all night getting the words the way I wanted them.  I knew just singing along the back track in his living room that the song was a bit special.

4) The Seer – I had long been a fan of Kate Bush and suggested to Robin Millar that her vocal style would be great on the track.  She heard a rough version of the song and liked it and came along to the studio with a whole vocal arrangement. To sit beside her and listen to her sing was very, very moving.

5) Moscow, Berlin and Tallinn:- For me, personally, it was an ambiton fulfilled to go and play in the East.  The songs from “Peace In Our Time” were particularly poignant there, especially after talking to people in the streets.  It had been a great wonder for me to see the East open up and these intensely passionate people given some hope of self- determination.

6) Tim Palmer – sometimes coincidence looks a bit too much like a game plan.  After having worked with a very dogmatic (i.e. “my way or no way”) producer, it was brilliant to work with Tim who is a great enthusiast and a real music fan.  This attitude is vey similar to ours inasmuchas he makes records for the love of it and that is always a very inspring atmosphere to work in.  Tim also does a mean line in Skids’ covers but that’s another story.

Cheer Stuart


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