Stuart Answers A Few Questions

Country Club 1991 Issue 21

Q: What has it been like working with pat moran compared to previous producers?

S: Very inspiring and amazing, very into the band and trying to make our best album.

Q: any chance of a few song titles and can you tell us anything about them

S: Titles Are all As follows We're Not In Kansas, Republican Party Reptile, Freedom Song, Beat The Devi,l Dynamite Lad,y Into The Fire, The Hostage Speaks

Leap Of Faith, Kiss The girl Goodbye, You, Me and the Truth, Keep On Dreaming, Beautiful Peopl,e Comes A Time

Twelve of These will make up the album tracking. I don't Really like describing what the songs are about so the lyrics will be on the sleeve.The album will probably be called " No Place Like Home".

Q: Why did pat ahern leave the band and is mark brzezicki a permanent member again?

S: Pat left because things weren't Really working out during recording. mark as usual cant make up his mind

Q: will there be any dates added to the town and country gigs? if so will they be large or small venues? what is your preference?

S:  I don't know about other touring plans, yet but I don't really care what places we play in.

Q. What were your feelings on playing with Jerry Lee Lewis in 1989?

S. It was a great feeling to play with someone who was one of rock 'n' roll's founder, I thought the man was absolutely electric.  It would depend on who I was asked to play with.

Q. Will you ever record a solo album? If so, who would be your ideal musicians you would work with?

S. I have never done a solo album but, if I did, it would be with folk and country musicians.

Q. Have the band ever considered producing themselves? The REL tapes do have a more "Big Country" sound than Peter Wolf's production of Peace In Our Time.

S. Sometimes we think about producing ourselves and I certainly think we could have done a better job on Peace In Our Time.  I think the way the songs work 'live' are better than the album.

Q. Do you ever come across ex-Skids musicians? What are they doing now?

S. Yes, I see Richard Jobson quite often.  He now does T.V. presenting and we get on very well together now. I sometimes see Bill Simpson who is an estate agent.

Q. What level of success are you hoping the new album will attain at the very least ?

S. Triple platinim, worldwide.

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