Q  Do you have any new musical influences?

No, but still consider myself a fan of inspired music.

Q  Any words of advice for new bands starting out?

Don’t start a band – start  a record company.

Q) You have said football is a favourite pastime of your.  What were your highlights of the past season?

Watching Istvan Kozma play for Dunfermline in the pouring rain at St Johnstone at the New year.

Q) What were the most memorable moments of the last nine years with Big Country?

Audience reaction at last’s gigs.  Playing Knebworth, Working with Kate Bush,.

Q) Are any books about Big Country besides ” A Certain Chemistry” ? Will there be a new one?

No, I don’t really want any more.

Q) Are you ever going to tour Australia ?

We are desperate to tour Australia.

Q) Which is your favourite venue in the UK and why?

Any venue is OK by me.

Q) What is your attitude to “Bootlegs” and “Pirate Merchandise”?

I think the pirate merchandise, people often get very shoddy material but bootlegs I don’t mind at all.

Q) Big Country have always covered at least one song of someone else’s per tour.  If you were to record an album of covers, what would you include?

It’s very hard to say there are so many songs I like, but I would like to do songs from Leonard Cohen, Nils Lofgren, Neil Young, The Band, Bod Marley, Bob Dylan and Jasper Carrot.

Q) Who was your first musical/sporting/film star, hero?

First Musical Hero – The Kinks

First Sporting Hero – Roy Barry (ex Dunfermline captain)

First Film Star Hero -  Stan Laurel

Q) Which sporting event would you take with you as your desert island video?

Film of the 1967 Scotland v England football match at Wembley.

Q) What is your least/most favourite meal/drink?

Favourite meal – Sukiyaki

Least favourite – any creamed pudding (rice, tapioca, semolina and the like).

Q) Which music person of the opposite sex do you most admire?

Kate Bush

Q) Who do you most respect as a musician?

Leonard Cohen.

Q) What moment in your career has brought you the most pleasure?

Playing at the “Big Day” in Glasgow.

Q) Which is your favourite form of music>

Country  – folk

Q) Your least favourite form of music?

West End musicals.

Q) What is the most physically arduous task of your profession?

Two hours on stage – travelling

Q) What do you fear the most in your profession ?

Sore throats, dodgy chests, crap hotels, rancid dressing rooms, feedback, dirty underwear, damp guitar straps, endless bloody hanging around, remixes, surf Nazis, customs officers, old aircraft, more bloody waiting, motorway service areas, Soviet catering, too much rain, too much sun, toothache, piles, pile treatment, a little bit of waiting, quiet monitors, credit card statements, odd socks, mad drivers and more hanging around.

Q) What would you least like to do in the music industry?

Being a Meat Loaf rate.

Q) How do you regard the media?

They exist therefore they are.

Q) Who would you pay to see?

Dunfermline Athletic Football Club.

Q) What is your earliest musical memory?

My mum playing Patsy Cline records.

Q) What is music perfection?

When you get the shiver down your spine.

Q) When might you cheat?

Never (what a guy, eh!?)

Q) How much was your first pay packet for?

Twelve pounds.

Q) What title would you choose for your autobiography?

“Where There’s Muck There’s Brass ( The Life Of The World’s Richest Man).”

Q) What else could you have done for a living?

Motorcycle racer (too Slow!!)

Q) Your biggest professional mistake?

Working with Peter Wolf (nice guy, too MOR for us)

Q) Who personifies the term “Sportsmanlike” in your view?

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, John McEnroe.

Q) Are music and politics mutually exclusive?

A fish.

Q) What moment in your career has made you laugh the most?

When people get buck naked in the crowd at festivals.

Q) Do you have a motto?

Come fly with me.

Q) What book are you reading?

“Holidays in Hell”, by P J O’Rourke.

Q) What has been the most unfair description of you or Big Country?


Q) What is your all time favourite record?

“Songs of Love & Hate” by Leonard Cohen.

Q) Which city/town other than where you live now would you most like to live?

Amsterdam, Milan or San Francisco.

Q) How would you describe your profession to an alien?



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