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Back in 1983 Stuart Adamson’s  finances improved due to the extremely high levels success of his band Big Country, therefore he moved with his family from a one bedroom flat above a chip shop in Townhill to the ten-bedroom 17th century Balmule House, set in 20 acres at Bowershall, Dunfermline, Fife.  The family spent a number of happy years there see the enclosed photographs and family video.

Bamule House is originally a square tower house where generations of owners and families have helped Balmule evolve whilst maintaining its traditional charm. It also has in the grounds a Coach House, Cartshed and Granary which is dated earlier 19th century.

Balmule House is situated in about 29 acres at the end of a long tree lined drive. The house has  superb views over farmland to Loch Fitty.

Mike Peter's Video Diary of Balmule Studio's

Earlier this year Mike Peter’s of The Alarm and now front man with Big Country toured the old haunts with Big Country drummer Mark Brzecki  below is an extract of their trip to Balmule Studio’s to see the full article you can follow the link below:

“The “compass of decision’ decides that we should visit the large country house Balmule Studios where Stuart Adamson and his family lived in the early 80’s.  On our journey we pass what look like new gardens with iron gates but no compasses. Then, in the distance, we spot an opening and more gates. Even as we approach from the driveway, we can see that these are the famous Stuart Adamson ‘Crossing’ gates. Rehoused and refitted in another part of the estate altogether. We leap out of the car and run down to the gates as if expecting to see our old friend. Mark is quite visibly overwhelmed. Finding these treasures in iron, I am reminded of the lines in ‘Porrohman’ “Those once lost have now been found”. I get the feeling Mark is finding a serious amount of solace in this moment and from the look of relief in his face, the feeling that a little piece of his dear friend has been returned to him forever.

It’s obviously a very moving experience for Mark and so we sit and take in the moment. Eventually, we turn the vehicle around and suddenly we see the outbuilding that Stuart had converted into a studio. More memories come flooding back for Mark, as he remembers the rehearsals for ‘Peace in Our Time’ that took place here. Mark tells of sleeping in freezing cold iron beds and crazy aerobics sessions in the high ceilinged rooms and remembers how the heating was always turned off, all the time he was here. I’m not too sure how I feel at this moment, but as someone who has had to become totally immersed in the music created by the person who once lived here, it’s not hard to feel the essence of the creation that began within not just musically either, but in the sense of life and experience that informed some if not all, of the music that had been performed with Big Country over the years.

Onwards drives our American friend John, who all BC fans know, and in the words of Mark B, “as the road turns left you’ll see Stuart’s old residence ‘Balmule House’ on the skyline” (I can’t help feeling like I’m in some old Sherlock Holmes movie like the ‘Hound Of The Baskervilles’). This amazing journey just keeps pulling me forward. Mark points out the entrance and we pull into the long driveway. Mark is incredibly disappointed that the original gates Stuart had (forged from iron), with the ‘Crossing’ album ‘compass’ are no longer there. We keep going and going, we have no intention of stopping or turning back now. The light is so beautiful and with the winter sun blinding our view, we pass the front entrance in silence

I have to stretch to see over the walls and there’s definitely something eerie about this place that feels a bit out of synch with its surroundings, especially with the knowledge of its attachment to Big Country. I try to ‘see’ the place as Stuart and Bruce would have seen it in the eighties, but  Mark says the cracked statues and the fountain that populate the lyric are no longer there even though I hoped they might still be somewhere in the garden undergrowth. I wonder if other images from the song’s lyric are attributable to people who may have lived here or were inspired by
passer’s by. “The evil genius hugs his wife as tiles ring with fear of life”. I find myself asking who was / is that I wonder?


Bamule House Hotel

Now for the first time in its history, Balmule House has opened its doors to guests looking for a relaxing, indulgent stay, private meeting and function space or the ideal location to celebrate special occasions.  The house is set in the countryside approximately 4 miles north of Dunfermline and 3 miles from junction 4 of the M90. It is very accessible to Edinburgh, Edinburgh Airport, Perth and Stirling.

Fife: the playground of kings

Balmule House and grounds are set in stunning countryside in the heart of the Kingdom of Fife. The traditional hunting ground of royalty and nobility, these days Fife attracts visitors with a mix of heritage, culture and outdoor pursuits.

Historic towns like Dunfermline, Perth and St Andrews are close by, while frequent train services reach the many attractions of Edinburgh in just 30 minutes. Local towns and coastal villages host regular farmers’ markets and annual arts festivals.

Fife is of course synonymous with golf, with everything from challenging nine-holes to championship links at St Andrews and Gleneagles

Knockhill Racing Circuit is also near to Balmule for an adrenalin-fuelled day of thrilling laps in fast cars.

If you prefer your activities a little calmer and more rural, Balmule lies close to Loch Fitty, just perfect for bird-watching, nature walks and fishing. You can even bring your own horse with you for your stay at Balmule: you can keep them as well as exercise them in our enclosed fields. We can even organise country activities like falconry for small groups of guests within our grounds.

These are just some of the many activities on offer in and around Balmule. Our staff knows the area very well indeed and will be delighted to help you with more detailed information, both before you arrive and throughout your stay.


•Clay Pigeon Shooting




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