Stuart Adamson Statement   December 2, 1999


From the Official Big Country Web Site comes this information regarding Stuart Adamson and his failure to appear at two performances in late November:

The mystery surrounding Big Country's lead singer Stuart Adamson was resolved early this morning when Stuart issued the following statement.

Speaking from his Nashville home, Stuart confirmed he was safe and well and that the band's forthcoming UK tour was definitely going ahead. He said:

"There have been a lot of changes in my life recently and I've come to realise that the people side of my life is more important than the career side. That is not to say that i don't care about all the people and fans who have loyally supported me over the years. I'm very sorry if I've worried or hurt or disappointed any of them and I truly appreciate all they have done for me. However, I now want to be in a situation where I can be the rock I desire to be for the people I am closest to.

I recently put myself in a situation where i began to understand these things and I needed the time and space to clarify my own mind. It has been, if you like, something of an epiphany.

It is also true to say that I am immensely disillusioned not to have had my music heard, due to circumstances beyond my control, by people who care about it. Consequently, while I am looking forward to our tour and playing to all our fans, this may well be the last time in the UK." — Stuart Adamson


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