On Friday 16th December fans gathered at the site of the memorial bench in The Glen Pavillion, Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline to mark the 10th anniversary of the tragic death of the musician Stuart Adamson.

Fans wanted to mark this day,  A suggestion by myself and Johnny Nicol was put forward on Facebook/Twitter and this website for donations for a memorial wreath in the name “Stuart” to be laid on the memorial bench in his hometown of Dunfermline. Everyone thought this was an amazing idea and donations came flooding in.

The days events ran as follows:

I arrived in Dunfermline Town with plenty of time to spare, on arrival I met fellow Big Country fan Johnny Nicol (who helped to organise the event in Dunfermline). We both checked that all arrangements where in place.

A big thank you to Colin Gourlay for collecting 12 red roses which had been sent by the name Chandler from Arizona, USA to Dunferlmline Athletic Football ground by mistake.

The Wreath was delivered to the City Hotel by midday.  We had time for one drink to calm our nerves in the pub Tappie Toories which was run by Stuart in the 90′s.

We set off from the City Hotel at midday, on leaving the hotel we were approached by two street wardens who carried the wreath down to The Glen Pavillion for us.

We then put everything in place the lantern, the candle, photograph frame etc and covered the flowers with a Scottish Flag.

At 12.55 I received a call from America, I had arranged for a dedicated follower of Stuart Adamson to listen to the ceremony – Bonnie Boyle from Callifornia.

The ceremony took place near to  Over 30 people turned up for the event.

At 1pm the ceremony kicked off with a speech from myself Gwenda Matthews which read as follows:

We are gathered here today, to pay our respects to Stuart Adamson and remember him on the 10th anniversary of his death.

Lets Pause for a minute to light the candle and reflect on what Stuart means to us all


(Here we had a visit from a grey squirel on the bench Spooky but made us laugh)….

Firstly I would like to say a few words to convey what Stuart has meant to me over the years


What an inspiration you have been to me through your songs. Your words and music spoke to me deeply and helped me to find my passion. Your voice and guitar sang to me in times when no other sound made a difference. You have brought me to tears and smiles, comfort and rage. You have made my heart pound and have soothed my uneasy soul.  For all these things I thank you.


Words can not begin to adequately express how much your music has meant to me for the past 30 years.  It’s been a soundtrack to my life, and your lyrics have often played like a mantra in my head willing me on, pulling me out of low moments, and helping me to celebrate the good times. You have been such a positive force to me in so many ways, We Miss you Stuart, we know you have now found peace…..


I would like to read some lyrics from the song “Your Spirit to Me”  from the album “Driving to Damascus” (Big Country).

There’s only seconds of your life, that really count for anything,  all the rest is killing time, waiting for a train,  

the sea still rolled, no mountain fell, the sun still rose the moon as well,I was undone, some kind of free, the day you sent your spirit to me.


After the ceremony we retired to the City Hotel to have a blether and meet fellow Big Country fans, listen to Big Country and reflect on the music career of Stuart Adamson sharing great memories.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in organising this event.  To Johnny Nicol for his organisation skills also to Dunfermline Council for as ever helping things to fun smoothly,  Ferguson the Florist, Dunfemline for such a beautiful wreath, also for all the dedicated followers of Stuart Adamson for making this possible and for all the kind donations that have been sent in. 





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