Song Puts Skids Under Concert  Dunfermline  Press August 1977

20th AUGUST 1977– Fife Chile Defence Concert, Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline, Scotland (with Monolug / Bad News)

Police stepped in to break up an open-air pop concert in Pittencreif Park on Saturday after a fracas broke out among 600- strong audience and the organizers claim that top of the bill new wave group, The Skids, caused the trouble with an anti-Communist song during their first 15 minutes on stage.

The Concert organized by the Fife Chilean Defence Committee was in aid of the repressed people of Chile – a Fascist – governed country.

"It was like someone going to an Orange Walk and wearing a Celtic scarf", claimed one of the organizers, Hugh Boyle." The song made a mockery of the whole idea of the concert".

Trouble in the crowd started when The Skids walked on stage for their very first number , claim the organizers.  A beer glass was thrown at the group, but it missed and hit one of their 13- year old fans, Martin Gilfillan. He was taken to Underline West Fife Hospital, where he received a number of stitches for a wound on the back of the head.

A man later appeared in Court in connection with the incident.

When the New Wave Group introduced their anit- Communist song, chaos erupted both on and off stage .

The plugs from the group's amplifying equipment were pulled out, and the group were not allowed to continue with their set.

Fracas broke out among the crowd, but the situation was quickly dealt with by the Police and no-one else was hurt.

A police spokesman said that the concert had just deteriorated into a "shambles".

"The Skids manager was asked to keep that particular song out of the set before the group even walked on stage" claimed organizer Helen Dowie.

The song in question was "Contusion"

A spokesman for Monolog, who were also on the bill that day, claimed that they had been assured by the organizer that The Skids would not be playing any anti- Lefist songs.

We brought this problem up a month ago when we heard about the type of songs The Skids played and told the organizers that we would be forced to withdraw if they were allowed to do this .

"We were assured that this would not happen as the organizers would speak to the group about it" he said.

But The Skids deny they were ever asked to keep out that particular song.

Richard Jobson a member of the group said, "We are a non-political group although, at the moment our ideals and some of our songs are anti-Communist.

"If we had known that the concert was to raise money for the Socialist and Communist groups in Chile we would never have played the gig".

"And, if we had been asked to keep out that number – it has been an established part of our act for almost eight months – we would never have walked on stage," he said.

"As it was, we were bewildered when someone rushed on stage and pulled out our plugs. We just did not know what was happening. Nor it seemed did many of the crowd"

"This show was special to us, because it is the first time we have played in our hometown for many months. But after this incident, it will certainly be the last".

"We want Dunfermline to be proud of us, not shout us down. After all, we have achieved more in one year than many other local groups" explains Richard.

"We feel it was rather unjustified to blame the trouble on us. The organizers knew well in advance what kind of group we were and what kind of songs we sang. After all, this is our second year in the concert".

"But blame must lie with the  organizers, because it should have been made clear to us what the concert was in aid of".

"Naturally, in the circumstances, that particular song was not the right song to sing during the concert, but we did not know that at the begriming".

"However, if we had been informed, the circumstances would never have arisen, because we would never have played".


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