Restless Natives

In 1994 i asked Stuart Adamson about the short acoustic segment in the Restless Natives Soundtrack @ 22.47 – 23.43. I told Stuart it was my fave part of the soundtrack and that something so beautiful deserved a name. Other segments had names, prob for their inclusion on the vinyl b sides (Margo/Highland). Stuart laughed when i 'hummed' the piece and turned my own question back on me asking what 'i thought it should be called?". (I had already named it in my own nerdy mind years earlier..) and told him i thought it sounded melancholy, like a funeral canticle (kinda reminded me of albinoni's adagio, used in 'the severed garden' by the doors) so told Stuart i thought of it as a 'requiem for Will'. Stuart smiled and answered "requiem for a clown!!!". So thats how i've referred to it ever since.. Never shared that before.. :]

Sent in by Darren McIlwrath

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