Scotland Ye Brave Interview

by Clive Griffiths – british TV and radio speaker on italian music channels since the ’80s

I used this old saying (to explain how brave Scotsmen are – maybe because of the bad weather they have to bear) to put two videos together, both released in Scotland for Scottish bands.

Big Country are not bothering about how much they spend for The Teacher, a simple song, of few words (the author yearns to know all about life), there are some scenes of Stuart Adamson & fellows in concert, Stuart leading a strange man holding a key in his hand (the car driving through the Scottish countryside has been filmed from an helicopter), river Clyde (not a relative of mine, thanks) and the city of Glasgow filmed from the air, Stuart’s eyes catching glimpses of apocalypse… I did not understand it very well (neither we did, Clive – the editors)

On the other side of Scotland (BC video has been filmed in Glasgow, south-west in Scotland, while the second has been released in the north) Midge Ure’s “The Call of the Wild” is much simpler. The call of the wild is the song title, but there’s too little wildness in the song and video – even the weather seems better than our summer. (The call of the wild is also the title of Jack London’s book on the life of sleighdogs livng and working in northern Canada). Our little Midge is tamed, he live in a croft (a typical house of the area), and chops wood, he’s an artist and a sculptor, he walks along the coast where he finds a log he can “transform”, drives an old car (an Austin?) – all of this makes me think about myself, coming from Scotland to Italy, but instead of this yellow colour, there’s a Chianti flask (to keep cold away, of course). Cheers! Glug, glug

Translation by Rossella Di Nuzzo

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