Extracts From my book “Restless Native” by Gwenda Matthews

The Birth of a Star

It was 2.55pm, Thursday the 11th April 1958, when William Stuart Adamson was born into the world.  The proud parents Anne Latta (mother maiden name Muir) and William Stuart Adamson (father) gave birth to their first born child a bouncing baby boy.  It was a natural birth and infant weighed 8lb 4oz.

The birth took place in the maternity unit at Park Hospital; Davyhulme in Manchester, Park hospital is three quarters of an hour drive from the Adamson residence. The hospital was renamed on the 5th July 1988 as Trafford General Hospital marking the 40th Anniversary of the National Health Service.

The Adamson family now complete classed 1958 as a year to remember, the birth of their first child. The proud parents named their first child William Stuart Adamson after his father and great grand- father. 


The birth was registered on the 22nd April 1958 at the register office Townhall, Tattern Road Sale, Manchester.  The mother Anne Latta and bouncing baby William Stuart were discharged home on the 24th April 1958, 13 days later.


The Marriage of Anne Latta and William Adamson

On the second day of November 1957, at Cairns Parish Church (United Presbyterian) Cowdenbeath after the according to the forms of the Church of Scotland, William Adamson a colliery engineer, (bachelor) aged 21 years, marries Anne Latta Muir a bus conductress, spinster aged 18 years.


William Adamson at that time resided at 23 Kildownie Crescent, Ballingry. His father Harry Adamson a coal miner (stripper) was deceased at that time, his mother Jessie Stuart or Webster afterwards Stuart was present at the date of marriage, Williams witness was A.Fyfe from 71 Kirkland Gardens, Ballingry – possibly best man?

Anne Latta Muir at that time resided at 42 Rae Street, Cowdenbeath, her father James Muir coal Merchant gave her away and signed the parish register as a witness her mother Elizabeth Bawdie Muir former Ms Page was also present at the date of marriage. Anne Latta was 4 months pregnant at the time of marriage.  The marriage was registered on the 4th November 1957 at Cowdenbeath by assistant register, J.Miller.

From the registered date of marriage we do not know the where William and Anne Latta until the birth of their first child a son who they named as William Stuart Adamson he was born on the 11th April 1958, in the suburbs of North Manchester to be exact Davyhulme, near Old Trafford

Early Year in Manchester

In April 1958 father William Stuart’s occupation was a fully trained colliery engineer working at Agecroft Pit, situated near to the Adamson family residence.  At this time the family resided at 5 Cranbourne Road; Davyhulme.  They lived in Manchester for approximately 6 months; Stuart was around six months old when they appeared in the electoral role register in Dunfermline in Fife.  

On the 10th October 1960 the Adamson family residence at 12 Brands Row, Crossgate. Under the names of Ann Adamson and Stewart Adamson.   This was to remain the family home thought-out Stuart’s Childhood years were Stuart spent his days being brought up as a true born and bred Scotsman.


 Chapter Two – Will look at his childhood in Crossgates and where he went to school….