11 April 1958 – 16 December 2001

This day I will remember you
This way I will always return
This day I will remember you
This way I will always return

The song will always ring aloud in our heads.  For the seasons that rush over yet gone too soon like a summer‘s night.  It is a reminder of the sorrow from the depths of our toil that stains the land. A place so dear and a kingdom for our beloved friend.

This time returns. Our tears and regrets for a birthday are soon upon us.  We join together to remember the songs of wisdom and guidance.  How that flower we held aloft was truly seen by all, so shall it have bloomed and never withered.  Yet it fell away all too soon. The hunger and sadness of those times have not diminished. We have left the ashes the fire of youth the glow upon those who were so inspiredby the songs.  To our hearts we sing and rejoice all the promises we made so long ago.

Can we rise again and fill this void?  Let us stand so proud and pay our respects to the Late Mr Adamson.  Let us walk upon the land he held so dear.  For we walk together in this place for the world too see and hear the genius of his work. The songs remains beyond all hope and regret for ever more.  A young mans voice of dreams and hopes of values and wisdom for the world to hear.

On the 11th April Dunfermline crematorium   will open a Book of Remembrance for family and friends to leave messages of condolence. Let our voices be heard for the Late Mr Adamson.

And bells will ring on
Remembrance Day

 By Anis Waiz

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