The Crossing by Big Country


Remembering The Crossing.

In 1983 an album was released that captured perfectly the times. It was an album of light set against the dark despair of Britain in the grips of economic ruin. It gave voice to the hopes and dreams of a generation of people and communities across the UK that had been sacrificed on the altar of dogma. It gave young people the knowledge that they were not alone and that they could still fulfil those dreams.

That album was Big Country’s ‘The Crossing’.

In the 2012, the album will be re-released and the new band line-up will be touring and playing the album in full. As in 1982, the young people of the United Kingdom are once more the victims of political ambivalence and social devastation. I know from personal experience how important those words of hope were to me at a time when I was unemployed. I have spoken to other people who were also affected positively by the affirmation of life that the songs of the album gave them.

Now in conjunction with other fans, I would like to give you the chance to share your story from wherever you are in the world. We are
looking for personal anecdotes about your experience of that time. Where were you in your life? What were you doing? What do you remember of when you heard those uplifting songs? How did they affect you? Was it the beginning of a
life-long love of the songs of the late Stuart Adamson? Do you have an amusing anecdote connected to the album?

We also want to hear from young people who have recently discovered the album. What do you think of those songs rooted in Scotland but
with truly international appeal? Do they give you hope for a better future?

If we can get enough stories, we plan to collate them into an e-book that we will sell with proceeds going to charity.

This project is for all the fans of Stuart and Big Country, it is born of love for the music and the belief that it can be a force for good
in this cynical world. We hope you will contribute and also buy the book when it is published to read the stories of fans from around the world.

If you are interested in contributing we are looking for around five hundred words, although if you have more to say that’s fine. We
want it to be your story, so the more personal the better. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar; we’ll help you with that.  We can’t guarantee we will use every article but we will definitely do our best.

Mail your piece to with details and the town you live in. We hope to publish the book in late January or early
February of next year.

Thanks for reading this.

In a big country, dreams stay with you.

Yours in friendship

Sinclair Macleod

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