Remembering Stuart Adamson – Day 3 of 11…

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When I tell people that one of my favorite bands over time is Big Country, naturally their thoughts glide to cowboy hats, jeans, boots and twang. While there is much in the way of country music I like, and there may even be some Scottish “twang” in Big Country’s music, nothing in that genre could equal what Big Country means for me.

The bottom line is that there is a definitive sense of CULTURE in both country music and in Big Country’s music.

While many songs that feature spots of Scottish color in them outright, and very often you can catch a whiff of Scottish brogue when Stuart spoke inside of interviews this entry, a cover of a classic Scottish tune called “Killiecrankie” is easily one of my new favorites. The conviction of his annunciation of the lyric, the golden guitar that is now gone too soon. The definitive bounce in the steps of not only Stuart but his band mates singing a righteous onward-marching song – it’s all just wonderfully put together.

Those of you listening to this entry via YouTube that there’s something “amiss” with the lyrics (and the volume of the video is reasonably crappy sorry about that). It’s because he’s not singing in English.

I’ve included a link to the translation of what’s being spoken, as well as the history of the song that should help clear up some of the differences.

You’ll also be treated to a great interview with Stuart towards the end on his rendition of this song that has been covered often by every band you can imagine.

Both the interview, and the song and stares of passionate storytelling from Stuart int his video remind me of what a vibrant talent was lost in the latter days of December 2001. You are missed, Stuart, and remembered.

Remember also that the hotlines for both National and International Emotional Support organizations are listed here. If you know friends or family that need help – get it for them. Both the National Hopeline 1-800-784-2433 (For the US, Canada and the UK) and The Befrienders Worldwide (41 countries worldwide) Networks are ready to help.

Lyrics to KILLIECRANKIE from Big Country

Click here for the English Translation and Song History

Where hae ye been sae braw, lad?

Where hae ye been sae brankie-o?

Where hae ye been sae braw, lad?

Cam’ ye by Killiecrankie-o?


An’ ye had been where I hae been

Ye wadna been sae cantie-o

An’ ye had seen what I hae seen

On the braes o’ Killiecrankie-o


I fought at land, I fought at sea

At hame I fought my auntie-o

But I met the Devil and Dundee

On the braes o’ Killiecrankie-o


The bauld pitcur fell in a furr

And Clavers gat a clankie-o

Or I had fed an Athol gled

On the braes o’ Killiecrankie-o


Oh fie, MacKay, What gart ye lie

I’ the brush ayont the brankie-o?

Ye’d better kiss’d King Willie’s loff

Than come tae Killiecrankie-o


It’s nae shame, it’s nae shame

It’s nae shame to shank ye-o

There’s sour slaes on Athol braes

And the de’ils at Killiecrankie-o

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