Still it turns and says to me
In words that come uneasily
Answers are not meant to be

Another season passes by……. When all the rains have fallen and the summer sun faded I stand once more on the  sacred ground that lies cold.  Such sadness falls from the bitter sky.  The winter is upon us too soon and our very spirit, belief and hopes can’t be raised.

I recall that fractured time when our pride held us afloat in the deepest swell of emotion and utter grief. Our ship lost to a tide that could never turn. No doubt we all can clearly recall where we stood when we heard the news. Though all lost the siren yet called.  We see in the broken mirror the faces of utter despair and yet from  this prospect we stood resolute.

In our hearts we may never truly know where all the time has gone. As if the guiding light within the window of all hope has been extinguished. Soon we approach an anniversary and we find ourselves reflecting on the past events with such sorrow and tears. We have so many questions for which time and reason have no answer.

If it really was the truth
Why are faces filled with anger
That should only shine with youth

Though we have found our voice in these times of need I am again drawn to and  reminded of the sheer beauty and  heartfelt lyrics Stuart Adamson  and Big country left us to contemplate and find solace.   For all these times we have drawn on the songs and lyrics.

The shining eye will never cry…….. I know great riches and fame have no place for the humble genius. Theirs is a discipline that finds its voice within our conscious. It speaks to all regardless of their standing. Those without a voice understood the message and hope that Stuart and Big Country espoused.  A message that today has its rightful place. Here we truly stand with our kin.

As ever I see how the fans have been so loyal and guarded Stuart’s memory with pure love and humble respect. The commemorative bench has been our focus. It’s so fitting and a mark of that respect  and a token  of our love for him. To sit in that magical place in the kingdom is to feel his very spirit. How I have sat there alone conscious that the past has indeed been missed.

I see too how we have grown. Although the seasons have passed we are no further from our need. Ours is a need to understand our loss to express our inner thoughts.

But yet we must not dwell in those times. Together we must see the future through. We have our hope and our common bond and love for this music that has no equal. Let us never forget that Stuart and Big country sang of hope, of freedom of those emotions that make a person honest and true to their beliefs.  More importantly of things that really mattered.

I wipe my eyes again and stand proud.

Truly the place in which stand is the place I love so dear.

God Bless you Mr Adamson. You gave so much.  Love will always remain.

The shining eye will never cry ,

The beating heart will never die

The house on fire holds no shame

I will be coming home again
(Photograph taken by Gwenda Matthews Town & Country Club London 6th October 1991.

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