Nicky Lindon

A truly beautiful song to a true Legend to me from the current BC line up in memory of Stuart Adamson the former lead singer.  Thank you Stuart and the rest of the band for your music. Your music has been with me through the highs of my life, and through the lows. Your music helped me when I had depression. I felt alone, but your music made me realise that life is for living and to not be ashamed to admit you cant cope anymore. I just wish Stuart realised the same. I hope the man up there is taking care of you Stuart, much love and respect to you Stuart Adamson


Sean McCormack

Stuart you were an inspiration to me well not just me millions of people all over the world people still think about you miss you and think what big country would be like if you were still with us Happy Birthday up in heaven Stuart Adamson I’m sure up in heaven you’re making them smile with your music


Eugenio Bindi

Time goes by butreally can’t forget you!!!!!!be my guide from the sky above and BE SURE you’ll always be inside of me!!!!! such a GREAT part of my life….RIP my  hero…………god bless you….Eugenio

 Samantha Russo

Happy birthday Stuart! You will always be remembered.

Eugenio Bindi

Happy birthday my hero……………..absolutely hope your soul is in peace now………..time goes by but everyday you’re more and more missed…………ALWAYS in my heart and life,be sure about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Guy Wood

Somehow I believe Stuart is at rest in some kind of Eiledon heaven. “Eiledon, I will be there, Eiledon, my dream is there.”

Ewan Todd

Thinking of big Stuart today on his birthday, happy memories, and you pinching a shot of my LC125 to do a lap of Knockhill,, and nicking my cheese rolls in the back of our van at the racing,,, sorry for ribbing u that your band was kak, and simple minds were better,,,ah, memories eh !

Caitlynne Reddington

Happy birthday Stuart. I miss the music you would have produced for us today…. but I’m so grateful that you left an amazing catalogue of of songs for us to play until the end of time. Your music never dates, it will always be young…. just like you. Stay alive x

Bonnie Boyle

Happy Birthday Stuart: Musical Genius, Inspired Poet, Beautiful Soul… thinking of you on the day that you came into this world ~ ♥

Verónica Costanzello

To Stuart
Dear man,

Maybe this world was not enough to a soul like yours, Maybe you didn´t belong to the earth, You gave us Heaven and you are in Heaven now. You planted on earth a marvelous family, and harvested friends all over the world. We look at the sky and see you in Peace. But you know? You are in each of us,  Inspiring us, Encouraging us to go ahead, guiding us with your endless light, So, dear man, your light will shine forever and ever. We´ll love you endlessly with all our hearts.

Fiona Foote

Happy Birthday Stuart, I’m sure you’ve taught those Angels your amazing rifts, your music always sounded like pure heaven ! x

Andrew Macdonald

Miss your music
so much

Sandra Dee

My thoughts are always with you and for you Stuart. Happy birthday (“,) xx

 Bec Williams

Happy birthday big man! Your music & legacy will stay alive – forever!

Alan Nancollis

Happy birthday Stuart always in our hearts x

Debbie Garth

Happy birthday Stu,thinking of you today and for always x RIP X

Sharlene ‘Charlie’ Mcloughlin

Happy birthday Stuart, you are greatly missed xxx

Richard Slater Slugger

I choose this place to call my own, The only grace I’ve ever known, I never tire of legends grown,We dream too much and time has flown.

Happy birthday
stuart R.I.P big fella

Michael Mcdevitt

Happy Birthday Stuart keep on rock-in up there in heaven miss you every day .

 Stephanie Conway

Happy birthday Stuart. Today in work, we get CD’s from the company of what we’re allowed to play in the shop… Can you believe that Look Away came on! I got so excited by it I became oblivious to my job and started singing it… I was disappointed no one else appreciated it! But I had fun!

Craig Ian Gonsalves

Happy Birthday Stuart, we will all meet one day.

 Tony Colaci

Happy birthday Stu miss u heaps u up with god making him happy with your music

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