And the light in the window
has burnt its fuse
I pull everything inward
but everything’s loose


Perhaps not quite a score of years has passed but the wisdom of the late Mr Stuart Adamson remains a constant. The words of Inwards ring aloud, a poignant tale of loss and heartache of returning home to the passing away of someone so close.

The ache of longing of hope and of youth seems a distant memory that fades as blooms wither and leaves are shed. The spellings books are indeed in arrears as we reflect on this time.

Many of us return to the guiding hand of the late Mr Adamson and Big Country. At a time in our lives when we question the… Continue reading


Restless Natives

"I Loved being involved with this. Writting music to add colour and mood to visual images is often the way i like to work on songs. Hoping to create a sort of movie in the listners head".

Stuart Adamson

Stuart Adamson: Big Country Pedalboard
While first coming to prominence in the Scottish punk band The Skids, Stuart Adamson will forever be remembered for his instantly recognizable voice and guitar playing with Big Country. Along with co-lead guitarist Bruce Watson, bassist Tony Butler and drummer Mark Brzezicki, Adamson composed four classic albums during the 1980s that melded meaningful lyrics, passionate guitar solos and solid rhythms. If you’re not familiar with Big Country, check out the songs “In a Big Country”, “Wonderland” and “Look Away” from The Crossing, Wonderland andThe Seer albums, respectively. We challenge you to stand still while listening to any of these selections. It’s impossible!

If you’re interested in comping Big Country’s guitar tones, we’re happy to provide you with the following summary of the set-ups of… Continue reading

Big Country at The Peppermint Lounge 1982

After further search of utube I found that the Big Country concert recorded on Saturday 21 August 1982 at The Peppermint Lounge, 100 fifth Avenue New York was not on there.  I have an account on Utube called Willow 261000 so dedcided to try and recorded one track from the gig you can follow the link below.  Over the next few weeks I intend to upload the whole gig obviously more professional…

Big Country at The Peppermint Lounge 1982

You can download this audio concert on the bootleg page of this website.

Peppermint Lounge – New York 1982

New York, the Big Apple, Skyscraper, Yellow Taxis, Steaming drains??…  A steaming band.  Well we were after the show.… Continue reading


Fellow BC fans.

I've taken a stab at creating what I THINK is the world's first Big Country podcast. It's called "The Great Divide," and the first episode, split into two segments, is centered around The Crossing. If you're not familiar with what a music-related podcast entails, it's basically a nerd, in this case me, "geeking out" on their favorite band, playing clips, interviews, etc. in wh…at's sort of like a talk-radio format. The first segment features an excruciatingly boring personal introduction, talks about the musical climate of 1983, early days of the band, features clips and an interview with Steve Lillywhite. The second segment is a track-by-track analysis of The Crossing album, comparing demos with final versions, playing some live clips and ending… Continue reading

Balmule House


Back in 1983 Stuart Adamson’s  finances improved due to the extremely high levels success of his band Big Country, therefore he moved with his family from a one bedroom flat above a chip shop in Townhill to the ten-bedroom 17th century Balmule House, set in 20 acres at Bowershall, Dunfermline, Fife.  The family spent a number of happy years there see the enclosed photographs and family video.

Bamule House is originally a square tower house where generations of owners and families have helped Balmule evolve whilst maintaining its traditional charm. It also has in the grounds a Coach House, Cartshed and Granary which is dated earlier 19th century.

Balmule House is situated in about 29 acres at the end of a… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson “In A Big Country” by Allan Glen


The book that fans of the Skids, Big Country and the Raphaels have been waiting for – a critical perspective not only of Adamson’s music and its wider cultural influence, but also the excesses of fame and how the music business really works. Stuart Adamson: In A Big Country tells the story of how a teenager who was raised in a small Fife village released his first single at 19, wrote three Top 40 albums in the next three years and was written off as a has-been at 23, but then went on to form a new band and sell more than 10 million records worldwide, touring with the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. Although… Continue reading

A question-and-answer session with Allan Glen, author of Stuart Adamson – In a Big Country

Questions set by Gwenda Matthews

Why did you write the book, Stuart Adamson – In a Big Country?

Writing the book was an opportunity to pay tribute to Stuart Adamson, and celebrate the work of the Skids and Big Country. Without wishing to sound too nostalgic, the late 70s, 80s and 90s were an exciting – if often frustrating – time to be a fan of the Skids and Big Country. The interviews and features on both bands in magazines and newspapers rarely captured the era. The story has never been documented at any great length, and with any real depth or critical analysis.

What feedback have you had from… Continue reading

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the new designed Stuart Adamson Fans Website.  A big thank you for the donations received so far these have helped contribute to these changes. 

Over the next few months we are hoping to progress to a bigger and better site. 

Our goal is and always will be to keep the name of Stuart Adamson alive and never forgotten.  So please if you want to contribute anything to the site please use the contacts page.

Best wishes




Famous Fifers


Andrew Carnegie, from Dunfermline, Fife, immigrated to the USA in 1848. In which industry did he make his fortune?

Steel. Carnegie was born in Dunfermline in 1835. His family settled in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania in the late 1840s. His steel plant, Carnegie Steel, was the largest in the USA in the late 19th century. He gave away most of his fortune in later life, paying for the building of some 3000 public libraries throughout the English-speaking world

Ian Ranking, from Cardenden, and Val Mcdermid, from Kirkcaldy, Both made their names as novelists in the late 20th/early 21st centuries. They both specialised in novels of which genre?

Crime. Rankin is best known for the character Inspector John Rebus,… Continue reading

The Other Side of the truth

If you grew up in the 1980s, then you knew Big Country – even if only for the couple of years when they were riding on the top of the pop charts. If I had a dollar for every time I hung out with my best mate Pete, had a few drinks while listening to Big Country, and talked about everything under the sun (and the moon, by the time the night was over), I'd have… well, enough money for a really good steak dinner. So, as I sit here working on a budget for a future film project (oh, the excitement, the glamour, of the film industry), listening to Big Country's breakthrough album, The Crossing, I can't… Continue reading

Remembering – Celebrating – Stuart Adamson (or: Longest Blog In History of Man)

11th April 2008

Stuart Adamson would've been 50 years old today. If you're not familiar with the man, his music, or the major details of his life, I say "would've" because, sadly, he passed away in 2001. Actually, he didn't "pass away." He took his own life. He traveled all the way toHawaii, one of the most beautiful, wide open spaces in the world, only to end his life in a small hotel room closet, engulfed in a haze of alcoholism and depression. It's a cold fact that still fires a wide spectrum of emotions in me whenever I think about it, from deep sorrow to intense anger to a resolve… Continue reading

Big Country New Album Release

Big Country’s new CD realease as per Clive Parker will be out on 1st October cataloguing the years 1981 – 1983, as a limited edition release (1000 pressings).

SONY have supplied the original CBS master tapes, and, along with the restored tracks Clive own's BBC Radio interviews, and photos from Clive's own collection this will make an 18 track compilation for devotees of the band.

He is also hoping the original band members, and producer Adam Seiff will make a contribution to the sleeve notes. 

You can also go along to Clive Parker's new book launch on 21st July.







It's easy to be cynical about Big Country. Out on the road supporting a best of compilation record and admittedly they do appear to be past their sell-by-date. Usually when artists release such compilations it means that they're washed up, about to split, or both. In this business rumours always abound and it remains to be seen whether the new material they've been working on, will ever see the light of day. Perhaps the next album will be their swansong but for now they're up on stage doing what comes most naturally to them.

Stuart Adamson and the boys took us back through "the mists of time," covering their four albums, particularly The Crossing, as well as a few new songs.

The… Continue reading

Album Reviews (Amazon)

Kenneth F. Mcara (Dundee, Scotland)
This review is from: The Absolute Game (Audio CD)

I remember waiting for this to come out on vinyl, and being delighted with it when it did. I loved the embossed cover too, and still have it in pretty much mint condition.

Although there were apparently difficulties in the band when this was being written and recorded, every track is a gem, with the cream of the crop – for me – being the cracking "Circus Games", which starts at a incredible lick and builds and builds, eventually throwing everything in, including a didgeridoo and a children's chorus. I've often wondered why it wasn't a more successful single; perhaps it was to do with Richard Jobson's very laid-back… Continue reading

Big Country’s Stuart Adamson: Underrated

Posted by Mike on April 12th, 2006 in Big Country

Stuart Adamson was the singer, lead guitarist, and primary song writer for Big Country, my favorite band. I’ve always been dazzled by his guitar work, but not being a musician myself, I was never really able to find the right words to describe what I was hearing. When I meet folks who play guitar, I always have to recommend they give a listen to Big Country, as most are not familiar with Adamson’s work, but I’ve never been able to explain exactly why he’s so good. The other day I came across Tom Kercheval’s blog – he’s an independent musician – and not only is he a Big Country fan,… Continue reading

The Crossing

Remember these guys? Even if you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the group’s lone U2-style hit “In A Big Country” — whereever there are compilations of 1980’s one-hit wonders, a general rule is that they usually carry this song, right next to The Fixx (oh excuse me, they actually had two hits), Dexys Midnight Runners, and a couple of other UK cult/post-punk acts that don’t immediately come to mind. They came from the same Scottish town (Dunfermline) as classic rock heroes Ian Anderson and Nazareth, and their de facto leader, Stuart Adamson, had also spent some time in another noteable post-punk band prior to Big Country (The Skids).

Now, having a bunch of BC albums I can tell you their career… Continue reading

The Seer Album Review

The proper follow-up to Steeltown, The Seer featured a cleaner, crisper sound than earlier efforts. The material is outstanding (as always), the melodies more accessible, the Scottish self-identity still strong but not overpowering. Should’ve made them stars. Instead, The Seer performed only slightly better than their last album, leaving one to wonder what Big Country would have to do to re-ignite American interest. Song for song, The Seer is probably the best thing they’ve done. Their first two records were a little too self-important in spots, but The Seer moves beyond sloganeering to focus on the music. The lean production from Robin Millar tears away the wall of sound and puts the band’s appeal in better light: Stuart Adamson’s voice, the… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson's 50th Birthday

This Friday, April 11th, would have been the fiftieth birthday of my all-time favourite musician, Stuart Adamson, former leader of the band Big Country. 

To mark the occasion, I've decided to post some YouTube links as well as a few thoughts on the man whose music sparked a passion in me which never wavers and will probably never be equalled.

Like many of you, my earliest memories of Stuart Adamson go something like this:

I was eleven years old when that video appeared in heavy rotation on Muchmusic. I adored it then, and I adore it now, even if the song became an albatross around the band's neck. 

The album as a whole was brilliant, combing New Wave with traditional Scottish… Continue reading

Kings of Emotion

Liner Notes by Hayley Bartlett

"People say music can't change the world. I think it can. Not on a huge scale, of causing revolutions. But it can bring people together, let people understand each other and see things." (Stuart Adamson)

Big Country were responsible for changing the face of guitar rock in the early 80s. This Scottish foursome crept onto the music scene in 1982 with a uniquely persuasive rock-anthem guitar sound, combing undercurrents of new wave with an Indo-jazz fusion input by ex-Skids Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson. As a teenager, Stuart Adamson was a keen follower of new wave punk bands The Damned, Clash, Buzzcocks, The Slits, Subway Sect and The Jam. These were the influences which persuaded the young… Continue reading

Celtic Music Radio Interview with Kenny Hyslop

Guest appeareance on Celtic Music Radio last week was Kenny Hyslop ex- Skids drummer he was interviewed by Alan Grant. Below is a brief history of Kenny's career and he also shares some funny stories from his Skids days.

Kenny played with the Skids for a short time before Stuart quit. He also played on one Skids track 'braveman' but never played any live gigs with them. He was also asked by Stuart to form Big Country and declined, he says it’s theC worst musical decision he ever made!

Here is a brief history of Kenny's career.

He joined the band Salvation with Midge Ure, which later became Slik and later PVC2. He also went on to play… Continue reading

Read a selection of your tributes for Big Country singer Stuart Adamson, who died in 2001

Simply the finest poet since Rabbie Burns. Rest in peace.

L, Glasgow, Scotland

I listened to Big Country as a teenager. I must say that their music helped me through those difficult years. I saw them live in twice in Finland 1985 and '86. Those were spectacular events. I've never lived as strongly as then. I can't describe that feeling… it was huge! And when I heard the news listened to "Come Back to Me" with my small daughters and all the memories came back.

Tommi Vainio, Finland

Wherever I have travelled, there has always been a Big Country tape with me – in times of great elation, or… Continue reading

Stuart Answers A Few Questions

Country Club 1991 Issue 21

Q: What has it been like working with pat moran compared to previous producers?

S: Very inspiring and amazing, very into the band and trying to make our best album.

Q: any chance of a few song titles and can you tell us anything about them

S: Titles Are all As follows We're Not In Kansas, Republican Party Reptile, Freedom Song, Beat The Devi,l Dynamite Lad,y Into The Fire, The Hostage Speaks

Leap Of Faith, Kiss The girl Goodbye, You, Me and the Truth, Keep On Dreaming, Beautiful Peopl,e Comes A Time

Twelve of These will make up the album tracking. I don't Really like describing what the songs are about so the lyrics will… Continue reading

Interview with Stuart Adamson 1986

"It's all a bit disorientating for me," admits Big Country's Stuart Adamson, shaking his head and tucking into one of many Cokes he drinks these days ( he gave up alcohol last year)  "I find it really hard to be witty and chatty because I'm pretty serious about what I do and I'm really bad at making jokes on TV".  And he's even less keen today because the virus that he his wife Sandra, son Callum, daughter Kirstin and just about everyone  else he knows all got is coming back again. "It's like flu," he sniffes, "all shivery, and sore linbs and tired."

Even so, he's still enjoying life a lot more than at the end of their last tour, "… Continue reading

Restless Natives

In 1994 i asked Stuart Adamson about the short acoustic segment in the Restless Natives Soundtrack @ 22.47 – 23.43. I told Stuart it was my fave part of the soundtrack and that something so beautiful deserved a name. Other segments had names, prob for their inclusion on the vinyl b sides (Margo/Highland). Stuart laughed when i 'hummed' the piece and turned my own question back on me asking what 'i thought it should be called?". (I had already named it in my own nerdy mind years earlier..) and told him i thought it sounded melancholy, like a funeral canticle (kinda reminded me of albinoni's adagio, used in 'the severed garden' by the doors) so told Stuart i thought of it as a… Continue reading

'Music to move mountains' is how Big Country would describe their unique sound. Maybe they won't quite manage that, but they've certainly been moving the charts with their single East Of Eden. The group have been incredibly busy thi9s year: they've toured America and have just released a new album, SteelTown.  They've also just completed the first leg of a big UK tour which will be getting under way again soon after a short break.

The big country of America has taken to the band in a big way, as singer Stuart Adamson explains:

"We've been successful in America, the album went gold and stuff like that, but that's the business side of the success, not ours.  To us it was just more gigs, more… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson: Astrology and Birth Chart


Born:  April 11, 1958, 12:00 PM (unknown)

in:        Manchester (United Kingdom)

Sun:   21°05' Aries               

Moon: 27°01' Capricorn                  

Dominants:   Aries, Pisces, Capricorn, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter Fire, Air / Cardinal

Chinese Astrology:  Earth Dog

Numerology: Birthpath 11

Popularity:     2,251 clicks, 10,372nd man, 16,167th celebrity

Celebrities born the same day: Anton Szandor Lavey, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica Burciaga, Joss Stone, Vincent Gallo, Coralie Trinh Thi, Ethel Kennedy, Nikola Karabatic, Jennifer Esposito, Lisa Stansfield, Nicoletta, Rachel Mussolini… List of all the celebrities born on April 11.

Astrology DataBase updated Tuesday, 31 July 2012 at 4:25 pm, CEST

42,654 celebrities and events, out of which 18,391 entries with a known time of birth,

horoscope, excerpts of astrological portrait, biography, photo,… Continue reading


Stuart quite unmodestly says he knows Big Country are a brilliant band – and speaks from the heart when he says this is the finest thing he's ever been involved with. One of his aims through BC is to put back all the best that he feels has been lacking current music. "The joy has gone out of most of the music you hear nowadays – and it is sorely missed." His other aim is for the band to remain honest. "When something is not right you should stop it. Big Country IS right." The young Adamson became a music addict at the tender age of 9. His mother had always liked records, and each Saturday she would send him from their home in… Continue reading

Song Puts Skids Under Concert  Dunfermline  Press August 1977

20th AUGUST 1977– Fife Chile Defence Concert, Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline, Scotland (with Monolug / Bad News)

Police stepped in to break up an open-air pop concert in Pittencreif Park on Saturday after a fracas broke out among 600- strong audience and the organizers claim that top of the bill new wave group, The Skids, caused the trouble with an anti-Communist song during their first 15 minutes on stage.

The Concert organized by the Fife Chilean Defence Committee was in aid of the repressed people of Chile – a Fascist – governed country.

"It was like someone going to an Orange Walk and wearing a Celtic scarf", claimed one of the organizers, Hugh Boyle." The song made a… Continue reading

 Stuart Adamson Quote

"There was romance and reality truth and dare. People being people, no hero's, just you and me like it always is.   We learned how we are together and how we come apart. Life happens "

 Stuart Adamson



A Poignant Moment at the Stuart Adamson Memorial Bench

Saturday 04/08/2012


Received this message on "We want a memorial for Stuart Adamson" (facebook page) from Anne Wilkie.

I think what happened tonight at Stuart's bench might mean something to you. Wasn't any drama, just a poignant moment.

So I messaged her on facebook and got the response below. 


It gave me serious goosebumps… We'd just been to see SLF play in the Pavilion, sat on the bench to let the crowds die down and reflect a bit. It was a completely still night, I had just commented on that fact to my partner, Harry, we were quietly listening to "In a Big Country" on my phone – when one branch of the tree… Continue reading

Article from the March 16th Scottish Daily Express 

March 17, 1999

Big Country star's narrow escape from blaze terror

Scottish rock star Stuart Adamson last night spoke of his lucky escape after a chemical-filled building near his home caught fire. The Big Country front man woke in the early hours of Sunday morning to find his flat in Dunfermline, Fife, full of smoke from a blazing photographic shop. Mr Adamson, 40, said: "There was smoke everywhere, it was catching the back of my throat. I had to feel the stairs to make sure they were not hot – I didn't know if there was a fire on the other side. All I could think about was getting out and calling the fire brigade." Fire chiefs… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson Statement   December 2, 1999


From the Official Big Country Web Site comes this information regarding Stuart Adamson and his failure to appear at two performances in late November:

The mystery surrounding Big Country's lead singer Stuart Adamson was resolved early this morning when Stuart issued the following statement.

Speaking from his Nashville home, Stuart confirmed he was safe and well and that the band's forthcoming UK tour was definitely going ahead. He said:

"There have been a lot of changes in my life recently and I've come to realise that the people side of my life is more important than the career side. That is not to say that i don't care about all the people and fans who have loyally supported… Continue reading

Showbiz, Soviet Style

Article by by David Sinclair

The Times, Arts Section, Monday, October 3, 1988

It looked for a moment as if the centre piece of Big Country's contribution to "glastnost" was going to end up as a fiasco. Over a weekend when Mikhail Gorbachov was teaching the Politburo to sing a new song, the Amglo-Scottish band was performing the second of five concerts at one of Moscow's Palace of Sports, an 8,000 capacity ice skating rink called the Palace of Wings. But a voltage regulator, essential for protecting the group's sophisticated guitar electronics from the extreme fluctuations in the Moscow power supply, had been disconnected and the band was forced to give up half way through the first number, while the road crew… Continue reading

And Let The People Hear

by Adam Thrills (Record, 1983)

Towering above sticky tarmac streets and steaming manhole covers, the Lincoln Center for the performing arts is an impressive building. One of New York's major cultural complexes, its arched facade is the most striking landmark on a west side skyline glistening in the bright September sun.

Beneath the monolithic monument of concrete and glass, the city's Sunday morning strollers seem almost insignificant. But, as is always the case in this madhouse of a town, they are far from dull or inactive.

A mumbling Broadway bum rustles through a garbage can before aiming a wild kick at a passing cyclist for no apparent reason; the driver of a Checker cab unloads his cargo of Japanese tourists… Continue reading

Reviews of: The Crossing, The Seer, Steeltown, Peace In Out Time, No Place like Home and Through a Big Country.

Big Country: The Crossing

I own five copies of this album. I have my original vinyl copy, of course (actually, two of these, one autographed, though not to me), and it's that matte blue cover with the band's compass-and-thistle coat of arms embossed on the cover that I see in my mind whenever I think of The Crossing, the particular crease of that sleeve that I feel in my fingers when I hear the opening drum rolls of "In a Big Country". It is this track order, too, with "Fields of Fire" in the fourth slot, after "Chance", and "1000 Stars" at the end… Continue reading

Hoe-Down in Steeltown

Article by (Creem, April 1985)

If you ask me, this business of sincerity in rock is getting out of hand. Today, for every Van Halen or ZZ Top that's dedicated to celebrating life's immediate (make that superficial) pleasures, there seems to be a Bruce Springsteen or a U2 insisting we take a thoughtful look beneath the surface for deeper meanings. Now it may well be true, as some philosopher once observed, that the unexamined life is not worth living. Who knows? Who cares? More important, does this sort of thing have a place in rock 'n' roll? The debate rages on.

Among those calling for more relevance in music are the earnest lads of Big Country, the half Scottish, half British band… Continue reading



With A Second Distinctive LP, Big Country Rocks 'N' Reels Right Into Scotland's Limelight


by Roger Wolmuth, reported by Terry Smith

When he visualized a new band in 1982, guitarist Stuart Adamson knew what he didn't want: a group like the Skids, a British punk quartet he had just abandoned after deciding that "punk was becoming its own cliche." Nor was he interested in a synth-pop band with electric keyboards and costumes, because they all seemed "interchangeable, like Identikit groups." What Adamson had in mind was a band of Scotsmen, like himself, whose rockhard riffs would borrow from his country's folk traditions.

Trouble was, Big Country, launched that year, looked like a big mistake. "It was the height of the… Continue reading

Bon Apetit!


Liner Notes by Stuart Adamson

This combination of songs represent our first stab at working together again after a two year lay off. We got together in Nashville to hang out and write together. Just looking for that little spark, that magical chemistry that let us know we were a band, some 18 years ago. We jammed with acoustic guitars (all the electrics are overdubs) and a small drum kit in a little country music rehearsal studio. Playing old songs, new songs, just shooting the shit being musicians and re-united friends. We hung out together. I had everyone in for dinner. Somehow Tony managed to get arrested. I drove everyone around too fast in my dumb-ass muscle car. Hey hey we're Big… Continue reading

In the Scud

Liner Notes by Stuart Adamson (December 1998)

These songs in this format are not what a group would normally have you hear. They are our aural sketchpad, the first outlines of what eventually will become a fully-fledged album. They are naked and gawky, like a nesting chick, not yet ready to fly.

This stage is where we decide if a song will make the album or not and these are some of the fringe competitors. Maybe with the right approach some of them will develop and thrive, but when you have a lot of material the axe has to fall somewhere.


With the interest shown on the web site for demo material we decided to let this stuff be heard. I… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson Wall Plaque that should be in Dunfermline his home town.

Watch this space??

Check out this artwork by Bozenna Dobijanska- Gabrysiak. 





'Stuart is always with us – through his lyrics and his music': Big Country celebrate 30 years with an upcoming tour and re-release of their debut album The Crossing

UPDATED: 07:44, 3 February 2012

They may have released their debut album back in 1983 and been absent from the music scene along the year but Big Country never faded away.

The band are back and celebrating the anniversary of The Crossing – which cemented their success in countries across the world – but the road to 2012 hasn’t been straightforward.

With a 13-date tour kicking off in Manchester on February 3, the now five-piece band are ready to ignite fans with the same passion and unique melodies that saw them become one… Continue reading


To Stuart:

To many thoughts and reasons lingering in my mind. Too many unspoken words and the dreams believed left behind.
Still so much to be said, so much more to share. Some people know but don't seem to care.
Some might take notice but ignore what they heard. Lost on the noise of their own world.
Some might voice their views and I give them all dues. Considering life what is there to lose?
Amongst all those people you might find someone who shares your thoughts and listens to your song.
Maybe someday we will meet and talk. Share our dreams as we watch a new day dawn.


Hey Big Country Fans, Stuart Adamson is in this clip – Find Him !!!

Jerry Lee Lewis performs to a sold-out audience in Londons Labatts Apollo joined by a number of special guests, including Van Morrison, Dave Edmunds, John Lodge (Moody Blues), Brian May (Queen), Dave Davies and the Kinks and more.

 Jerry Lee Lewis  – Johnny Bee Goode ( From “Jerry Lee Lewis and Friends” DVD


Drawing by Darren Mcilwrath

Blair Millar

To all the BC family – Just in case any of you are interested, the time has come (needs must) for me to put some BC items on ebay for sale, the only things I'm not selling are the CD's at present. It'll be starting tonight and I'll be adding items all the time. I've got hundreds of things to list……….if I keep going. Some of the rarest items will be first, such as the 12" single boxset, an amnesty international 7" pic disc etc. If any of you have any specifics you want me to list, please drop me an email to – I've got a huge collection, so there's a high chance I'll have what you want. – Very sad… Continue reading

Big Country

With their ringing, bagpipe-like guitars and the anthemic songs of frontman Stuart Adamson, Scotland's Big Country emerged as one of the most distinctive and promising new rock bands of the early '80s, scoring a major hit with their debut album, The Crossing; though the group's critical and commercial fortunes dimmed in the years to follow, they nevertheless outlasted virtually all of their contemporaries, releasing new material into the next century. The England-born Adamson formed Big Country in mid-1981 following his exit from the Scottish punk quartet the Skids, enlisting childhood friend Bruce Watson on second guitar; Clive Parker and brothers Pete and Alan Wishart completed the original lineup, but were soon replaced by bassist Tony Butler and drummer Mark Brzezicki. Signing to Polygram's… Continue reading



Stuart Adamson Kind permission of

'80s – Big Country (2011)

'No Place Like Home: The Big Country Story'

Big Country are a rock band born out of Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. They were most popular in the early to mid-1980s, but they still release material for a cult following.

The band were notable for music infused with Scottish folk and martial music styles, as well as for playing and engineering their guitar driven sound to evoke the inspirational spirit of bagpipes, fiddles and other traditional folk instruments.

Having scored incredible commercial success in the late 70's with Scottish pop-punk outfit The Skids, guitarist Stuart Adamson set out in 1981 to do something new – and in the process found even more success and acclaim as leader of the hugely talented Big… Continue reading


There comes a time when a big decision has to be made, and I've made one. I feel that after 32 years of dedicated service to Big Country, I need to dedicate some time to myself, so I am announcing my retirement from the band as of now. I have no wish to declare any reasons other than my time with the group has come to an end. After 32 years of incredible highs and a very tragic low, I feel that now is the time to look to new horizons.

My deepest love and thanks go to: Ian, Stuart, Bruce, Mark, and the many associated families and friends (and not forgetting my own family that have been an inspiration and massive support) that… Continue reading

Big Country gig review

Ingliston Royal Highland Showground

Here we are stranded in a de luxe cattle barn in the middle of nowhere, a paradise of steel and concrete, but hey c'mon in, its good and wholesome entertainment… or is it have my doubts. i just don't think that this scale of gathering has very much to do with rock 'n' roll if were talking about scale everything on show tonight is big: Big Country , Big songs, Big themes big guitars big money… but what happened to the sound far pummeling the faithful into willing submission, it had all the power of a beatbox adrift in a hurricane. worst of all was the bond's strange sense of theatre; a tacky gothic ruin passing for… Continue reading

Big Country split from manager over Stuart Adamson estate row


THE group claims Ian Grant refused to hand over money earned on their last tour to the estate of the late singer. ROCK group Big Country have split with their manager after members accused him of failing to pay money to Stuart Adamson’s estate.

Guitarist Bruce Watson accused Ian Grant of ­“immorally” refusing to hand over a percentage of earnings from the ­Dunfermline band’s last tour.Grant denied the claims and said the estate of their singer, who died in 2001, aged 43, would be paid in full.

Watson told fans on the band’s website that they were separating from their manager of more than 30 years – but that the group would continue.

He… Continue reading


Stuart Adamson:BBC Radio Scotland Tribute

Stuart Adamson: In Memory

This is the first eulogy I've ever been moved to sit down and write. I share it here in tribute to a man who really touched my life when I was a kid.

Into the lifeless, synthesizer-besotted era of popular music that was the early 80’s, emerged a handful of bands whose sound and spirit rang out like a clarion call of the heart. Among these groups were U2 and the Alarm, but far more visible on MTV and the radio than either, early on, were Scotland’s Big Country. Their anthemic first hit sang not of the emptiness then in fashion, but of primal, spiritual survival: “In a big country, dreams stay… Continue reading

The Tears of a Clown

Now if there's a smile upon my face…

Stay Alive

Big Country, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham. Friday, 17th August, 2007.


It was a friend north of the border who gave me the heads-up about this impending gig in the heart of Nottingham’s Studentland. The gig and tour are being carried out as a twenty-fifth anniversary commemorating the band’s brilliant debut album. “The Crossing”. Sadly of course, the band’s singer, main songwriter and twin lead guitarist, Stuart Adamson is no longer with us after his desperate loss through his suicide in Hawaii in 2001. His influence on the band and it’s music is still evident though. So is the love and respect for him from his former friends in Big Country.… Continue reading

Mike Peters Video Diary

The European tour was an amazing experience for me as I had never travelled with another band other than my own before and I think this is the time when the bond that holds us together today was first forged. They say you only truly get to know someone when you live with them. Well, I was on the bus ‘living’ with them as they were ‘living’ with me, and in the initimacy of this close knit existence, I  was surprised to learn that despite all outward appearances, Stuart had a real drink problem that showed itself quite shockingly, at one of the dates towards the end of the tour in Germany.

I felt for both him and the band as… Continue reading

Radio 4 Tribute 06/11/2012

Fans of the much missed Stuart Adamson may wish to listen to BBC Radio 4's (92-95FM) Swanson  documentary:

On Tuesday @ 11.30am.


Big Country At Rockpalast

Read Steve Slater's DVD Review

To paraphrase a saying from the football world, this is a DVD of two discs.

Each disc covers a Big Country live gig from the Rockpalast in Bonn, the first in 1986 and the second in 1991.

I should say from the outset that I am not a Big Country fan. I think the music is pretty anodyne. I find Stuart Adamson's lyrics decidedly second division, sometimes non-league, and I tend to subscribe to the rather cynical view of "if you can't get hold of their Greatest Hits album, just buy one single and keep playing it". So, I did not come to this review with any great hopes and, to be honest, if I had… Continue reading


Born 11th April 1958

Died 16th December 2001

It was 1985, I was 17 Years old when I Met you Stuart. You toured supporting your album “The Crossing”, that album meant so much to me, as it must have meant to so many others.

Time went by as you came every few years touring the US, every time you played Los Angeles I came by to watch the band, after the concerts you we’re always so friendly and full of life, it was so unreal that you were so down to earth, this I will never forget.

You touched us with your words, I will always remember you as being a nice and polite person, you’ll be missed. I… Continue reading

Big Country – Celtic Rock heroes

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines "genius", very concisely, as being an individual with "instinctive and extraordinary imaginative, creative or inventive capacity."

FirstFoot, therefore, has no hesitation whatsoever in using the term to describe Stuart Adamson, although we suspect that the man himself would turn in his grave at such a suggestion.

Few musicians are gifted enough to create a style and a "sound" that is so uniquely and identifiably theirs, and theirs alone (think Glen Miller). Adamson, however, with his soaring, blazing-bagpipe styled guitar, was one of those few, a writer and guitarist of sublime ability. Upon hearing him for the first time, DJ John Peel, a man more renowned for the sharper end of his tongue, proclaimed Stuart… Continue reading

Big Country

Oh you dreamer      Is this the way that you believed your life

Was going to turn out?   Oh you dreamer

Is this the better world that you were, Making all those plans for?

— Stuart Adamson,

"You Dreamer"

Big Country Albums

On December 17, 2001, Stuart Adamson was found dead in a Honolulu hotel room, having hanged himself. His suicide followed a long struggle with alcoholism and a recent brief disappearance. He was 43 years old. What an unspeakably sad and tragic end for the singer and guitarist who was the driving force behind Big Country, one of my all-time favorite rock bands.

In the United States, Big Country was generally regarded as yet another one-hit wonder from the '80s. They were those… Continue reading

The Other Side of Truth

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stuart Adamson

If you grew up in the 1980s, then you knew Big Country – even if only for the couple of years when they were riding on the top of the pop charts. If I had a dollar for every time I hung out with my best mate Pete, had a few drinks while listening to Big Country, and talked about everything under the sun (and the moon, by the time the night was over), I'd have… well, enough money for a really good steak dinner.

So, as I sit here working on a budget for a future film project (oh, the excitement, the glamour, of the film industry), listening to Big Country's breakthrough album,… Continue reading




Interview: Stuart Adamson, Big Country


It's been a long time coming but it seems that Big Country have finally delivered an album that compares favourably with their hugely successful and stirring… Continue reading

In Loving Memory of Stuart Adamson

“Stuart Adamson was an English-born Scottish guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, described by legendary music journalist John Peel as “Britain’s answer to Jimi Hendrix”. He founded the Scottish art-punk band The Skids and later the more mainstream rock group Big Country, as well as the 1990s alternative country rock act The Raphaels.

On 16 December 2001 he was found dead in his room at a hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii after committing suicide by hanging. U2's The Edge delivered the eulogy at Stuarts's funeral which was held at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline. He told the mourners that Big Country wrote the songs that he wished U2 could write.

A sad and tragic loss to the world of music, In the latter part… Continue reading

Remembering Stuart Adamson – Day 3 of 11…

Posted by Mike Wilkerson in Bloggers Bug Stream, Entertainment, Music

When I tell people that one of my favorite bands over time is Big Country, naturally their thoughts glide to cowboy hats, jeans, boots and twang. While there is much in the way of country music I like, and there may even be some Scottish “twang” in Big Country’s music, nothing in that genre could equal what Big Country means for me.

The bottom line is that there is a definitive sense of CULTURE in both country music and in Big Country’s music.

While many songs that feature spots of Scottish color in them outright, and very often you can catch a whiff of Scottish brogue when… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson – Big Country

(1958 – 2001)

Rock musician. Although born in Manchester on 11th April 1958, Adamson grew up in Crossgates (near Dunfermline in Fife), he was introduced to folk and country music by his parents. When he first saw "The Damned" play in Edinburgh in 1976, it spurred him to abandon plans to become an environmental health inspector and form his first band, "Tattoo".

This soon evolved into punk-pop outfit "The Skids", which included extrovert vocalist, Richard Jobson, The Skids enjoyed a string of successes, including the hit singles Into The Valley and Masquerade. But even at this early stage, Adamson was struggling to cope with the pressures of success, and disappeared temporarily halfway through recording sessions for The Skids' debut album,… Continue reading

Scottish Daily Record  April 06, 2009

By Joanne Curran

Rocker The Edge has pledged his support to a fundraiser in honour of late Big Country singer Stuart Adamson.

The U2 star has donated one of his prized guitars to a charity auction being held by Adamson's family.

It's in aid of the Children's Hospice Association Scotland and the youth set-up at Adamson's beloved Dunfermline Football Club.

And the gift from The Edge — a longtime friend of fellow guitarist Adamson, who died in Hawaii in 2001, aged 43 — will boost the fundraiser by £8000. His Gibson Epiphone guitar is expected to fetch at least that when it is auctioned on eBay.

Its sale will come after Saturday's main auction and tribute to Adamson, when… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson – The Skids


Skids Legendary Axeman Has Been Found hanged!

William Stuart Adamson, singer, guitarist and songwriter, born April 11 1958; died December 16th 2001

Few rock stars were as un-showbizzy as Stuart Adamson, who has been found hanged in a hotel room in Hawaii, aged 43. Although his current band, Big Country, achieved major international success during the 1980s, for a time rivalling fellow Celtic big-anthem acts U2 and Simple Minds, Adamson remained doggedly committed to his working class Scottish roots. At the time of his death, he still owned a pub in Dunfermline.

Born in Manchester, but growing up in the mining village of Crossgates in Fife, he was introduced to folk and country music by his parents.… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson – In A Big Country

By Helpless Dancer The Endless Note

I have just finished reading Allan Glen’s good biography of Stuart Adamson.  With no new interviews with band members granted to the author, official biographies of The Skids and Big Country are due though no one knows when, he has relied on a series of interviews with people close to Stuart and extracts from past band interviews.

In such circumstances it is a credit that the book provides enough to allow the reader to gain some insight into the man himself who thrived on his music, his family and his love for Dunfermline Athletic FC.

From his initial success with The Skids through Big Country to his relocation to Nashville and subsequent… Continue reading

Who Was Stuart Adamson, Who Died Recently Aged Just 43

Mon 24th Dec 2001 The AnswerBank

Q. How will people remember Stuart Adamson < xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

 A. Anyone who remembers the 1980s will know the music made by Adamson and his band, Big Country. Their trademark was a guitar sound which critics and fans referred to as 'sounding like bagpipes'. This was a lazy label that Adamson personally hated! Formed in 1982 after the split of the punk-influenced Skids, Adamson was keen to write and record songs reflecting his interest in folk and roots music.

Contrary to popular belief, Adamson was not Scots by birth- his family moved from Manchester to Dunfermline, and Adamson grew up with the accent… Continue reading

Remembering Stuart Adamson of Big Country

Stuart Adamson found fame with The Skids and Big Country. Tragically a long running battle with alcohol led to his early death aged 43 in 2001.

Almost a decade has passed since Stuart Adamson tragically took his own life in a Hawaiian hotel room. His legacy lives on through the music he wrote and the people he influenced. After finding success with The Skids Adamson went on to form Big Country, one of the greatest Scottish groups of all time.

Stuart Adamson and The Skids

In the late 1970s Adamson formed The Skids with friend Richard Jobson. Punk was at its peak and they were keen to get involved. What perhaps made The Skids stand out from many of… Continue reading

Indelible Ink: Special Edition ‘Stuart Adamson: In A Big Country’

by Alistair Braidwood

It’s perhaps difficult to sufficiently express just how popular Big Country were for a few years in the mid-1980s. Albums went straight to number 1, there were regular Top of the Pops appearances, they were lauded in music publications from pop paper Smash Hits to the weekly NME and Melody Maker and were also well-liked and respected by many of  their peers. For a while few had a bad word to say. Even if the music wasn’t your particular thing people appreciated that there was an honesty about how and what they played. But this critical approval disappeared extraordinarily quickly.

There were multiple reasons for this, from the lazy reviews concentrating on their ‘bagpipes and… Continue reading

Stuart Adamson lead singer of 1980s rock group Big Country,has been found dead .the body of the 43-year old was found in a hotel room in Hawaii after he disappeared from his home in nashville, tennessee, two months ago.

His manager Ian Grant, said: I just cannot believe it. My heart goes out to his family . I have just lost one of the finest people i have ever worked with or been lucky enough to know

. Adamson found fame in 1979 with new wave band The Skids and the song Into The Valley. Three years later, he formed Big Country,producing a string of hits including Harvest Home and Feild of Fire.

The singer fought an long battle with alcohol but. after staying sober… Continue reading

Stu's death is a big loss

I was sad to hear that Stuart Adamson from Big Country had committed suicide ( The Mirror December 18).

His death is a great loss to music. in the 80s i had posters of stuart all over my walls and i remember dancing in an exaggerated fashion and playing air guitar to In A Big Country. We'll miss you stuart.

Lorraine butler, Blackpool, Lancs

Thanks for your music Stuart,your fantastic live performances and just some brillant memories

Sent In By Angie Thompson

Merry Christmas to everyone from us all at the Stuart Adamson Fans Website Christmas wishes to you all..

Love Gwenda





(Card Designed by Angie Thompson).



Big Country The Longest Day- Stuart Adamson Tribute

A Stuart Adamson Tribute put together by my other half Ryan for the anniversary of his death, we hope you like it ♥

A few remembrances of Stuart

I used to joke that my Mums settee had two claims to fame. Firstly, Gordon Brown had a cup of tea on it (he was canvassing as her local MP), and secondly that Stuart Adamson had been sick on it!

I first met Stuart at Beath High School in Cowdenbeath. He lived in nearby Crossgates and I lived in Kelty. He and Willie Simpson joined the school in 3rd year and pretty soon the two them and me and another Kelty boy Graeme, became best mates.

We were all heavily into music but Stuart and Willie actually had guitars which made them pretty damn cool in my eyes! I remember us going back to Stuart’s house after school one… Continue reading


Skids Remix Out Of Town

By Paul Hammond

Free To Download

Out Of Town (Remix)

I Know the Weary Can Rise Again.


“Teacher will you show to me

 The bond between the land and sea

 For I am new to mystery I want everything laid out for me

 All of history”.


I fear time has passed us by. That flash of a spark set against the cold light of day pierces our very thoughts and emotions.  Some days we have no words to explain our sadness. We have only the reminiscence of hope. A collective understanding of greatness, of longing and belief in all that has passed. It is reflected in the land that gives up its own to the great and worthy, to the wide expanse of great oceans that divide our very souls.

There are truly… Continue reading

Gasoline Alley   Download 04 Gasoline Alley

I think I know now what is making me sad

It’s a yearnin’ for my own back yard

I realize maybe I was wrong to leave

Better swallow up my silly country pride

Going home and running home

Back  to Gasoline Alley where I was born

I’m going home, and I’m running home

To Gasoline Alley where I was born

When the weather’s better and the rails unfreeze

And the wind doesn’t whistle thru my knees

I’ll put on my weddin’ suit and catch the evening train

I’ll be home before the milk’s upon the door

I’m running home and I’m going home

Down to Gasoline Alley where I was born

Going home, and I’m running home

To Gasoline… Continue reading

1978 Yamaha SG 2000


So! A Yamaha SG 2000 in sunburst! Built to exacting standards in the Yamaha factory in Japan, this through neck guitar almost put an end to Gibson’s supremacy as the premier maker of quality instruments. It has to be said that this SG 2000 is in excellent order. Having been crafted in 1978 it pre-dates the coil tap model of the early 1980s but don’t let that put you off. In every way it is at least equal to a Les Paul.


It has been said that Carlos Santana contributed towards the design of the Yamaha SG 2000 – he certainly can be seen playing just such an instrument in several online videos! My own particular favourite artist who… Continue reading




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