Missing Stuart Adamson and What He Means To Me

(posted on facebook 16/08/2012) by Gwenda Ann

I miss Stuart Adamson every single day. He didn't get the regognation that he deserved in this world and I do hope he has found peace. My goal is keep his name alive and to spread to the world what a talent and humble human begining he was. I know alot of you think that I am obessed and take things to the extreme well that is your opinion. If I didn't have Stuart and Big Country in my life I wouldn't be the person I am today. I am forever greatfull, to have met Stuart on numerous occasions and treasure those moments in my heart forever….

Debbie Garth Ur so lucky u met him Gwenda,wish I hadda done ,ur doing a fab job…keep it up :) ) …if only he could see how much he was loved…miss him so much too …he was perfect x

Cynthia Griffin Every time I think of him I want to cry. He has gotten me through a lot of heart ache and good times too. Its nice to see someone LOVES him so much as I do. Keep up the great work hun I know I appreciate all your love and dedication for a man that deserves it.

Brian O'reilly Your doing a great job. Sha

Steve Teasdale keep it up

Angela Donald All i can say is, Thank God for you Gwenda! Stuart would be very proud of you And your continuing work, cant think of a better person keeping his legacy alive! X

Edith de Boer I never saw it as an obsession, I am impressed of what you do. It's great you have met such a person as Stuart and I can totally understand your actions and feelings. You can be proud of what you have achieved already, to give him the recognition he deserves. Never mind what others say, just follow your heart. x

Grey Watkins Your doing a great job at keeping His legend alive forever:-) big country are in for a successful year:) keep a smile in your soul. Life is for celebrating all good things past and present:) be happy with all the good stuff you have:-)

Wendy Fritz You are so very Lucky for meeting him….   the privilege to hug him once……didn't wash my face for a week or so….Miss him every day too…..feel so Lucky to have met you on fb so we can keep his memory alive!

Laurence Black I first saw BC at Reading fest '83. a handful of punters when they started, within three songs there were 40,000 diggin’ them. Stuart even stopped midway through Close Action to offer some can throwers 'outside' – Priceless. when asked best live bands seen – BC are always in my top three, which surprises a lot of people. I've seen most of the top rock acts over the last 30+ yrs, I always get annoyed when I get the response 'Bagpipe guitar Band'. Amazing back catalogue, Poetic Lyrics on a par with Dylan I reckon, great riffs, melodies and anthem songs too many to count back.. I must say that Mike Peters is doing an incredible job with the new line up and the band is still spreading the word to new audiences – Great stuff. However moshing at my age hurts.. :-) We shouldn't be sad when our heroes leave us, I never met Stuart personally and never needed to. These stars private lives are no concern of ours, as ours are to others. Stuart had the misfortune to inherit genes containing Alcoholism and depression – a toxic mix that I have plenty of life experience of (not personally) I can think of parities i.e. Phil Lynott, who I did meet, they leave us as Young men. Forever pictured in their heyday, never getting old or descending into shite music and a few crap albums etc… So, these heroes, lived their lives their way and ended up their way, only they could have changed and probably weren’t meant to or simply couldn't..We're lucky to have had those influences and sounds/ sights that make us buzz and we'll take to our graves.. so don't be sad.. Rant over…L xx

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