Stuart Adamson lead singer of 1980s rock group Big Country,has been found dead .the body of the 43-year old was found in a hotel room in Hawaii after he disappeared from his home in nashville, tennessee, two months ago.

His manager Ian Grant, said: I just cannot believe it. My heart goes out to his family . I have just lost one of the finest people i have ever worked with or been lucky enough to know

. Adamson found fame in 1979 with new wave band The Skids and the song Into The Valley. Three years later, he formed Big Country,producing a string of hits including Harvest Home and Feild of Fire.

The singer fought an long battle with alcohol but. after staying sober for 13 years, hit the bottle again and went missing in November 1999. Five years ago, he left his wife and childre in fife to set up a hairdreesing salon with an american girlfreind.

Mr Grant said: stuart wasn't a hellraiser but i guess he liked his alcohol in those early days. We partied a lot, most bands do tests are being carried out to establish the cause of death

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