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Today is the launch of the web page and address for Stuart Adamson you can
follow the link below:


Through all we lost in autumn days cannot be born again stand here by me
until the ways of age and youth are one and same ”

To contact the estate of Stuart Adamson Please Email admin@stuartadamson.co.uk

You can check back from time to time for updates and news…..

Thee Stuart Adamson Fans Website would  like to give our support to the above
web page and address for Stuart Adamson and pull together to keep his memory alive.

Gwenda Matthews


Everything I Need

You’ve got everything I want

You’ve got everything I need

Maybe we’ll go out walking tonight

You’ve got everything I need


I know you would be so warm

I want you to keep from harm

Maybe we’ll go out driving tonight

Maybe it would be so wrong


All the seasons rushing over me

All the secret wounds that bleed

All the seasons rushing over me

Take me further from my need


For all the places we might go

Places I will never know

I would trade them all for one empty room

with you and I left there alone







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