Interview with Stuart Adamson 1986

"It's all a bit disorientating for me," admits Big Country's Stuart Adamson, shaking his head and tucking into one of many Cokes he drinks these days ( he gave up alcohol last year)  "I find it really hard to be witty and chatty because I'm pretty serious about what I do and I'm really bad at making jokes on TV".  And he's even less keen today because the virus that he his wife Sandra, son Callum, daughter Kirstin and just about everyone  else he knows all got is coming back again. "It's like flu," he sniffes, "all shivery, and sore linbs and tired."

Even so, he's still enjoying life a lot more than at the end of their last tour, " I was heartily sick of the travelling and spending so much time being away from home – I draw a hell of a lot of inspiration from my home life." So Big Country stopped for a while (and, it was rumoured, may even have split up for a short time) while Stuart started doing all the things outside the group which he values – "a bit of fly- fishing, supporting the local football team, going to the motor-cycle racing and shopping with my wife and kids." And eventually, writing a few songs.

"I think I'll always write songs," he explains, " to communicate the way I feel about things and to show a little about the culture I grew up with." In particular, the area of the Scotland where he grew up and still lives and where people treat him "just the way they always have".

Finally, having gathered enough songs together and taken long enough off to "create a bit of an aura around the band and make this album something special", the group met up and recorded their new LP "The Seer".

"It's named after the album's long track, 'The Seer', says Stuart. "It's based on a tale of a Scottish woman called the 'Bramin Seer' – I don't know how you spell it. She was like a Scottish Nostradamus (mediaeval French bloke who predicted lots of "things") in drag, and the song's about some of her prophecies coming to fruition. We asked Kate Bush if she would come and sing on it and she agreed – she was just amazing."

And now he's ready to start all the promotion for the LP, and the travelling and touring that he grew to hate last time. He's already beginning to miss home. "I still phone my wife twice a day… at least," he admits shyly. "I love her, She's my favourite person."

But he also says there's almost nothing better than running onstage with Big Country.

"I still get a rush, up the spine every time we play together. It's become very unhip to say ' I love to play live' but I do.  That's why I wanted to be a musician in the first place. And I can't think of a better band to play in," he grins. "It's not embarrassing. I find it very spiritually uplifting and I'm not afraid to admit it"….

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