stuart-adamson-fans-memorialWhere does our home lie
Where is our own
Lonely the cold cry
Only unknown

stuart-adamson-memorial-aboutThese beautiful heartfelt emotional words ring true today as they did when first sung with sheer passion pride and belief by the late Stuart Adamson of Big Country.

It is well documented that William Stuart Adamson was born on 11 April 1958 but grew up in Dunfermline. He fondly recalled his childhood in the working class community where “there were no high powered executives or white collar workers. That his roots lay firmly with the working person can be heard and felt throughout his lyrics. His was a landscape of emotion and above all a pride in his Scottish roots a pride that grew with hardship.

2011 will mark the tenth anniversary of his death. Earlier this year I took a day trip to my former home town of Dunfermline and was saddened and dismayed that there was still no official memorial in his home town. Nowhere for fans could go and pay their respect and love of this great man.

I returned and voiced my opinion on the lack of memorial on various websites: The official Big Country and The Skids websites and through social networking sites. I received such positive response from fans giving their support on my idea for a memorial.

As a fan I believed as strongly as indeed did fans that there should be a fitting memorial in Stuarts name in his home town and more importantly we as fans should organise a serene and fitting tribute. “Stuart Adamson left his fans with a legacy in his music and we the fans wanted to give something back”.

Carrying out some research I came across an article on  where fans raised funds for a memorial bench in her memory. This bench was unveiled in Soho Square London. That seemed to be a beautiful and fitting idea.

From the flash of a spark ignited by the desire to see a memorial to this great local man came a campaign initially on Face book. I was overwhelmed by hundreds of fans from across the world that pulled together and became friends giving generous donation to help the cause (a cause so just and fitting).

In recognition of the sheer passion and lyrics which guided and spoke of a beautiful landscape the fans put forward a suggestion that lyrics be engraved into the memorial bench. This was such a heartfelt response by the fans that had been so affected by the unique and the stunning beauty of the songs.

Lyrics were chosen and a fitting and beautiful location was found “The Glen Pavilion. This holds such fond memories it is where The Skids played their second ever gig and the venue for Big Country’s debut album.

The Stuart Adamson memorial bench was unveiled on Saturday 24th September 2011 in Dunfermline’s Pittencrieff Park. It looks across the park’s Italian style garden near to The Glen Pavillion.

Stuart was so proud of his hometown in Fife his lyrics reflected the very depth of it.

“Personally I don’t think this is either the time or the place to mourn, or to dwell on Stuart’s passing. I know that no matter how upset and shocked we as fans were we cannot compare with the experiences of those who knew Stuart. However Stuart’s death led a real sense of community among and shared experience’s by the fans”.
Stuart will remain in our hearts and minds forever more. His music lives on for the next generation.

Special thanks to
Colin Gourlay, Allan “Smid” Smith, Jamie Davidson, Colin “Cob” Harrower for the support given to the project and the unveiling ceremony.

Stuarts family, friends and fans for their support, Fife Council, Contemporary Arts Dunfermline, Promotional Impressions and PJ Molloys.

And here is strength for us to find
To turn the old to new
And wipe our eyes of misty years
And see the future through…