I Know the Weary Can Rise Again.


“Teacher will you show to me

 The bond between the land and sea

 For I am new to mystery I want everything laid out for me

 All of history”.


I fear time has passed us by. That flash of a spark set against the cold light of day pierces our very thoughts and emotions.  Some days we have no words to explain our sadness. We have only the reminiscence of hope. A collective understanding of greatness, of longing and belief in all that has passed. It is reflected in the land that gives up its own to the great and worthy, to the wide expanse of great oceans that divide our very souls.

There are truly times within our lives when the very essence of being are understood and nurtured. It is the siren that wails for those who want no more. A time when we are able to find a voice within to rejoice at all that is to be seen and held in high esteem. This voyage of discovery of wonder and enlightenment was found within the songs and words of our band and the late genius that was Mr Stuart Adamson.  

In all our learning, our wisdom and desire to understand and make sense of the world we sang those songs of hope and belief in our own worth. From within we understood without any shadow of a doubt the message conveyed. Songs of days passed, of great tradition, of love of honour and pride.  It was a guide to those who are lost.  Those songs will always remain. Yet we may fade by the day.

Mr Adamson and our band remain a constant within these turbulent times.  Though all may be lost, the weary can truly rise again. Let those songs and the true wisdom of Mr Adamson stay with you as a lover’s voice. Tonight we stand and hear those songs again.  God Bless you Mr Adamson. You gave so much that only love remains.


“As the years hang on me

 You will always be young

 And one day I will lie down

 Where the rose was flung”

By Anis Waiz


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