Article from the March 16th Scottish Daily Express 

March 17, 1999

Big Country star's narrow escape from blaze terror

Scottish rock star Stuart Adamson last night spoke of his lucky escape after a chemical-filled building near his home caught fire. The Big Country front man woke in the early hours of Sunday morning to find his flat in Dunfermline, Fife, full of smoke from a blazing photographic shop. Mr Adamson, 40, said: "There was smoke everywhere, it was catching the back of my throat. I had to feel the stairs to make sure they were not hot – I didn't know if there was a fire on the other side. All I could think about was getting out and calling the fire brigade." Fire chiefs yesterday said that the singer and his wife Sandra, 39, were lucky to be alive. They said the couple, who live above the bar they run together, called Tappie Toories, could have been at serious risk from toxic fumes. Fife divisional officer John Turner said "If Mr Adamson hadn't woken up, the smoke would have killed him. There were photographic chemicals in the shop and we had to act quickly to remove them because they were potentially fatal if inhaled. But Mr Adamson was remarkably calm considering his ordeal" The singer was yesterday back in the recording studio to work on the band's latest album. Big Country rose to fame in the 1980's with distinctively Scottish sound and hits like Wonderland and Fields of Fire. They also made history by becoming the first Western Group to tour the former Soviet Union


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