Its taken me a while to digest this email which states that Eva Cassidy made an appearance at the Stuart Adamson bench unveiling in September 2011.   The email was sent to me by Archibald A.Lawrie who is President of the Edinburgh Society for Psychical Research, at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh.  Eva Cassidy, whose vocal ability is often likened to that of Aretha Franklin, died in her 30′s in the 1990′s. She had hits such as ‘Over the Rainbow’….

Make of it what you will I still feel uneasy about it ………..

Dear Gwenda,

Something VERY strange and very LOVELY
You will find this a very strange (but TRUE) e-mail and I urge you to read it to the end as I’m sure that what I am about to write will have meaning for you….possibly more meaning for YOU than it does for me! I am going to be honest and state from the beginning that I have not heard of you before or of Stuart…but I am glad that your memories of him were such that you wanted to commemorate him in such a fine manner.  My name is Archibald A. Lawrie and I hold some unusual positions e.g. President of the Edinburgh Society for Psychical Research, Vice-President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, Director of Psychical Research at the newly-formed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh.   I am also an author, broadcaster and lecturer.  I am NOT someone who might “kid you on” about anything…psychic of otherwise!  While I tell people that I should not be considered as a psychic or medium, I must admit that some strange things happen to me…whether I like the idea or not. One strange event took place this morning and as it appears to concern you, I now make contact with you.
What happened was this :-
At around 7.30 am this morning as I was flicking through the Courier newspaper, I flicked over to page 3 BUT READ nothing at all from that page…that was because something VERY STRANGE suddenly happened.  The moment my eyes merely scanned over the photo of you and your friends on Stuart’s Memorial Bench, I was suddenly aware of a female spirit-being linking to my own mindI was overccome by a great sadness.  The spirit-lady said NOTHING at all to me but she filled my mind instantaneously with what appeared to be memories of her life and even music that she had loved. I felt a great and deep sadness (that she was letting me feel ) of her having died at a very young age (early 30′s??).
I’m sure she felt that she had been taken away from her type of music far too early in her life. I felt she loved a certain type of music and probably wrote music too and certainly played a stringed instrument and sang.  She allowed me to hear her singing very sadly a song about
a rainbow. It sounded such a lovely song!   (Over the Rainbow?)
I believe that she was somehow linking herself to YOU. She was using me to let you know that what you were doing was correct and nice.  Perhaps she was even suggesting that YOU should carry on the musical work where she had to leave off.   I really don’t know because no words were spoken by this spirit lady.
I believe that she was telling me (mentally) that her name here on earth had been  Eve (or Eva?) Cassidy …or similar.  Anyway  I’m sure she was linking to you and wanting to enthuse you and inspire you  in some way.  I trust that you understand this more than I do.  As one who understands more about this sort of thing than most people, I feel that this lady might make further attempts at contact with you …NOT visually for she doesn’t want to scare or upset you!
She is probably ‘looking over your shoulder’ so to speak …but in the NICEST possible way. As a ‘mentor and protector’ perhaps?
I intend to keep this entire thing private between us and I suggest that you do likewise, but I would have been failing in my duty to psychical research if I had not passed knowledge of this strange episode on to you.
Yours sincerely,



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