Someone once said the sound of Big Country could move mountains, and I still find it very inspiring and uplifting, especially during the low points we all have to go through in our lives. The vibrant classic album ‘The Crossing’ had such an impact on all us teenagers in the early 1980s, and the later albums only added in depth. Next year I will be 43 myself. Stuart should have been with us still. DekkerAndy

Still sad and very tragic that he is gone, but importantly what stands is his musical legacy as a guitar visionary. Peace. Colliedog5150

The late 70s were a disaster until the ‘punk’ explosion occurred, it was just what was needed and this is where Stuart Adamson entered my life, with ‘The Skids’. It was immediately apparent to me just how talented he was. Somebody once said to me, ‘If you don’t have the album ‘The Crossing’, you don’t really have a music collection’, and that’s true to this day. Recently my daughter went to see Big Country in Leeds in April. She said, ‘The band came out and I kept expecting Stuart Adamson to walk out, like it was all a big joke, or a bad dream’. I think that sums it up to me; Adamson left such a void with his departure, unanswered questions, blame and guilt, and that bitter taste of ‘why’. Levinson

I travelled through from Greenock to pay respect to Stuart Adamson on Friday. It was great to go back into town and have a few drinks and listen to Big Country tunes all night. I would like to thank Gwenda Matthews on her great website and for getting this memorial put in Pittencrieff Park for Stuart. I wasdevastated when he passed away because he was a legend in my eyes and his music will live with me forever. I thanked Mike Peters in the summer at the gig in Inverness with Simple Minds for taking over from the late great Stuart, I’m sure he would be proud of him, as he was a fan and pal like most of us. bigcountry992

10 years ago we lost a great singer in Stuart Adamson. You are sadly missed but Big Country will continue to make your music live on XX.

Connie Hay

My name is Bobby Drummond and I now live in Mallorca with my family running The Bronze Bar. He phoned me the night he took his life to talk about old times. If only I knew… my favourite memory is Stuart trying to play football, better singer I must say. Favourite song must be ‘Chance’ – the lyrics say it all. Janet Anne Drummond

My father and I where the last people to see Stuart alive before he tragically took his life. He was staying with us in Atlanta, Georgia for a few months.  While I was surfing the internet listening to music I came across this song called ‘Chance’ not knowing he was the one singing it. He walked up behind me while I was singing along and asked me, “Do you like that song?” I replied, “Yes.” With a sly smirk he then said, “I wrote that song.” Very cool moment which I’ll never forget. He was a very humble and caring man with not a bad bone in his body. My father’s best friend and someone I looked up to. RIP Stuarty x Barry Wilson

Stuart had a huge effect on my life and he still does, since the early Tattoo days with Bill Simpson, through The Skids and, of course, Big Country. His music inspired, supported, comforted and cheered me at many different times in my life. He is much missed and rightly held on high, his passing will never be forgotten as I, like many, pass on his legacy to my children. RIP my friend. 10 years! It seems like yesterday. Andrew Duncan

Listening to Big Country, through my youth especially, gave me a place to hide in very hard times, find strength, courage, hope forpeace and will to keep going. Living in America, Big Country truly have been the soundtrack to my life. “To the Dream that fires the furnace, give all yourHeart and Soul!”…and Stuart did just that… with Passion. May he always be remembered with love and respect. Bonnie Boyle

Stuart Adamson, massive talent never got the recognition he deserved. His music is still fresh today, still missed. John Mullins


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