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A Day In Europa.

Circus Games

Masquerade Remix

The Olympian Remix

Out Of Town (Remix)

Skids remixes by Paul Hammond

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War Themes (Live @ Edinburgh Odeon 7th September 1979

1-01 Intro 1-02 Animation 1-03 Out Of Town 1-04 Melancholy Soldiers 1-05 Working For The Yankee Dollar 1-06 Dulce Est Decorum Est (Pro Patria Mori) 1-07 The Olympian 1-08 Pros & Cons 1-09 Scared To Dance 1-10 The Saints Are Coming 1-11 Vanguards Crusade 1-12 Home Of The Saved 1-14 Masquerade 1-15 Days In Europa 1-16 Thanatos 1-17 Of One Skin 1-19 'Encore' 2-01 Stuart & Richard 2-02 All The Young Dudes 2-03 Charles 2-04 'Encore 2' 2-05 Richard introduces Bill Nelson 2-06 Panic In The World 2-08 Charade


Skids – The Absolute Game (Vinyl LP)

1980 and the 3rd album from the Skids and their move to a more Post punk sound. Still sounding like the forefathers of the Kaiser Chiefs the sound is dominated by the guitar of the soon to become Big Country frontman, Stuart Adamson. The work on "Devils Decade" is brilliant. There are synths in the background amongst the chants and call to arms, a nice slice of early 80's new wave



Circus Games

Out Of Town 

Goodbye Civilian 

The Children Saw The Shame

A Woman In Winter

Hurry On Boys 

Happy To Be With You 

The Devils Decade

One Decree



Skids Book Of Lyrics by John Gouveia