Celtic Music Radio Interview with Kenny Hyslop

Guest appeareance on Celtic Music Radio last week was Kenny Hyslop ex- Skids drummer he was interviewed by Alan Grant. Below is a brief history of Kenny's career and he also shares some funny stories from his Skids days.

Kenny played with the Skids for a short time before Stuart quit. He also played on one Skids track 'braveman' but never played any live gigs with them. He was also asked by Stuart to form Big Country and declined, he says it’s theC worst musical decision he ever made!

Here is a brief history of Kenny's career.

He joined the band Salvation with Midge Ure, which later became Slik and later PVC2. He also went on to play with The Skids, although in 1981 he joined Simple Minds. His time with this band was brief, although he contributed by recording "Promised You A Miracle" and appeared in the videos of "Sweat In Bullet" and "Love Song", from the Sons And Fascination album (which he did not appear on, but helped to promote when he replaced former drummer Brian McGee). Following his departure from Simple Minds, Hyslop formed Set The Tone with bass player Bobby Paterson.

Following the demise of Set The Tone, Hyslop formed the One O'Clock Gang which released an album on Arista Records without significant commercial success. He went on to be credited on a number of singles and albums, including some by Midge Ure. However, after becoming disillusioned with the music industry, Hyslop became an alternative DJ until leaving the UK for Canada with the blues band, Big George and The Business. After returning to the UK Hyslop started teaching drumming at Carlton Studios in Glasgow as well as producing new music published through MySpace

The Skids

Kenny shared a quick story off air with Alan Grant about his Skids days.  The Skids were recording over in the state’s, Richard pointed out the sound of the birds outside the studio and suggested that it would be a good idea to record them to start off one of the new songs. It took several hours of dragging recording equipment outside and strategically placing several microphones with very long cables on to trees and nearby buildings. It took several hours more do dismantle all the recording equipment and set up the studio again so that they could hear the fruits of their labour. The moment came to playback the recording…….result was a very clear playback of the traffic on the freeway behind the studio and no sign of any birds!……..

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