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A question-and-answer session with Allan Glen, author of Stuart Adamson – In a Big Country

Questions set by Gwenda Matthews

Why did you write the book, Stuart Adamson – In a Big Country?

Writing the book was an opportunity to pay tribute to Stuart Adamson, and celebrate the work of the Skids and Big Country. Without wishing to sound too nostalgic, the late 70s, 80s and 90s were an exciting – if often frustrating – time to be a fan of the Skids and Big Country. The interviews and features on both bands in magazines and newspapers rarely captured the era. The story has never been documented at any great length, and with any real depth or critical analysis.

What feedback have you had from… Continue reading

A number of short Big Country biographies have been written by many different people. Here are a few, listed in order of the last year mentioned in the bio.

1990, by Mark Brennan
1991, by Michael Heatley
1993, by Rick Clark
1993, by Pat Gilbert
1993, by Scott Schinder
1994, by Alan Edwards

In A Big Country (liner notes) by Mark Brennan

“Having scored incredible commercial success in the late 70′s with Scottish pop-punk outfit The Skids, guitarist Stuart Adamson set out in 1981 to do something new – and in the process found even more success and acclaim as leader of the hugely talented Big Country.

Together with guitarist Bruce Watson, bassist Tony Butler and drummer Mark Brezezicki,… Continue reading

In memory of a hero….. Stuart Adamson


Some people change the way you look at the world, I'd hate to think of what I would of turned out like if it wasn't for the music and lyrics (and gigs) of Stuart Adamson.

There's a group of people I know who would of ended up like the rest of the fuckwits and arseholes around us at the time, if it wasn't for the passion and honesty we learnt from people like him.

It's a shame I didn't get to talk with Stuart, it would of been nice to thank him for the experiences his music brought to me, both directly and indirect.

I'd never carried on drumming if it wasn't… Continue reading

Remember What Stuart Adamson Said

by Blog by Ken Socrates

March 30, 2009

“Stay alive.”

Of course, he eventually killed himself.

I’ve tried to make sense of this from time to time. Of course, I understand a song lyric is just a song lyric and an anthem like that, however powerful, does not define a lifetime. It doesn’t provide some sort of magical Guitar Hero Sheild against the shit life can throw at you. Epsecially when you’re dealing with such issues as substance abuse, failed relationships, estrangement from all the friends and family you’ve come to believe no longer care whether you live or die.

When you’re that weary and alone, not even the music can reach you anymore.

Which is sad, because Stuart had so… Continue reading

Caffe Milano – Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 18th June 1998

Kimberly Hansing writes:

Well, what can I say? It was great meeting Mary-Kate and Bryana (hope I spelled that right!), Johnny Key (hubba hubba!), the Gottleibs, Howard Bryan et al. I like to have faces to put with names.

In addition, as suspected, Stuart and Marcus’ show rocked big time. The play list was same as last time except for one new one. Unfortunately, I am not the song-name remembering type. Maybe one of the other attendees can help me here?

The set kicked major butt. I think Howard Bryan has it taped. I took a whole roll of film. Stuart remembered me and called me by name, which I found interesting considering how he had… Continue reading

Rock ‘N’ Roll Central – Big Country

The Crossing – 1983

I have been a fan of the UK rock band Big Country since the summer of 1983 when one afternoon my sister, my friend Rob & I watching a re-run episode of a late night show called “City Limits” came across one of their videos. This program played new, rare, and obscure music videos by up-and-coming artists. Some of which would go on to become successful in one way or another.

“I never took the smile away from anybody’s face” ~ In A Big Country

The song was their ever popular “In A Big Country” which would go on to typecast the band with it’s sound & style here in North… Continue reading


Big Country – the Band  

Created Aug 14, 2002

I’m not expecting to grow flowers in the desert

But I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime

In a big country dreams stay with you

Like a lover’s voice ‘cross the mountainside

Stay alive…
‘In a Big Country’

In 1981, Scottish punk band The Skids were in the process of splitting up. Their rhythm section had left the previous year, soon after the band’s biggest hit – ‘Into the Valley’ – and now their guitarist wanted out. The guitarist in question, a young singer/songwriter called Stuart Adamson, immediately started looking for members for a new band. He teamed up with an old friend – guitarist Bruce Watson – and recruited… Continue reading

A Change of Country – Melody Maker 18 August 1990

Edited by Tony Horkins

With a new producer, new drummer and a change of equipment, Stuart Adamson reckons his band are a different type of Big Country altogether.  Tony Horkins checks his passport.

It doesn’t take long for the characteristic sound of a band to change in perception from one of joyous recognition to one of irritating familiarity.  Rather like the infectious giggle of a loved one in the opening weeks of a relationship turn in abruptly into the hideous cackle of a witch by the second month, the sound of a band that initially charmed you into their world, can soon be pushing you down the street and through the doors of Record and… Continue reading

House of Bonzer


Scotlands finest band from the 80′s with the powerful anti war song written by Stuart Adamson at the time of the Falklands War. The lyrics are a very moving and astute observation of  war, any war not just the Falklands.Needless to say Stuart Adamson was a man of peace and a humanitarian who created a totally unique sound with the rest of Big Country, they made the guitars sound like Bagpipes which is clearly a nod to their Celtic roots, sometimes dismissed as a pop band, they were deeper than that, revered by U2 amongst many of their peers as a major band of substance. Stuart sadly took his own life in 2001.have a listen to this song on you tube,… Continue reading


Stuart Adamson Auction Big Country Acetate

End Price:  GBP 51              End date: 2009-04-30

Start Price  GBP 21             Start date: 2009-04-20

Number Of Bids: 7              Auctioned At: Ebay

Country Great Britain




Up for Auction from Stuart Adamson’s own collection.

12″ acetate of the following tracks.













It is not in mint condition, a few marks and had a few plays, I would say it was 6/10 for overall condition, comes in white and plastic sleeve.

The auction has been set up alongside an event at Dunfermline Athletics home ground to commemorate great Pars… Continue reading


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