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A few remembrances of Stuart

I used to joke that my Mums settee had two claims to fame. Firstly, Gordon Brown had a cup of tea on it (he was canvassing as her local MP), and secondly that Stuart Adamson had been sick on it!

I first met Stuart at Beath High School in Cowdenbeath. He lived in nearby Crossgates and I lived in Kelty. He and Willie Simpson joined the school in 3rd year and pretty soon the two them and me and another Kelty boy Graeme, became best mates.

We were all heavily into music but Stuart and Willie actually had guitars which made them pretty damn cool in my eyes! I remember us going back to Stuart’s house after school one… Continue reading

Big Country split from manager over Stuart Adamson estate row


THE group claims Ian Grant refused to hand over money earned on their last tour to the estate of the late singer. ROCK group Big Country have split with their manager after members accused him of failing to pay money to Stuart Adamson’s estate.

Guitarist Bruce Watson accused Ian Grant of ­“immorally” refusing to hand over a percentage of earnings from the ­Dunfermline band’s last tour.Grant denied the claims and said the estate of their singer, who died in 2001, aged 43, would be paid in full.

Watson told fans on the band’s website that they were separating from their manager of more than 30 years – but that the group would continue.

He… Continue reading



With A Second Distinctive LP, Big Country Rocks 'N' Reels Right Into Scotland's Limelight


by Roger Wolmuth, reported by Terry Smith

When he visualized a new band in 1982, guitarist Stuart Adamson knew what he didn't want: a group like the Skids, a British punk quartet he had just abandoned after deciding that "punk was becoming its own cliche." Nor was he interested in a synth-pop band with electric keyboards and costumes, because they all seemed "interchangeable, like Identikit groups." What Adamson had in mind was a band of Scotsmen, like himself, whose rockhard riffs would borrow from his country's folk traditions.

Trouble was, Big Country, launched that year, looked like a big mistake. "It was the height of the… Continue reading

And Let The People Hear

by Adam Thrills (Record, 1983)

Towering above sticky tarmac streets and steaming manhole covers, the Lincoln Center for the performing arts is an impressive building. One of New York's major cultural complexes, its arched facade is the most striking landmark on a west side skyline glistening in the bright September sun.

Beneath the monolithic monument of concrete and glass, the city's Sunday morning strollers seem almost insignificant. But, as is always the case in this madhouse of a town, they are far from dull or inactive.

A mumbling Broadway bum rustles through a garbage can before aiming a wild kick at a passing cyclist for no apparent reason; the driver of a Checker cab unloads his cargo of Japanese tourists… Continue reading

Showbiz, Soviet Style

Article by by David Sinclair

The Times, Arts Section, Monday, October 3, 1988

It looked for a moment as if the centre piece of Big Country's contribution to "glastnost" was going to end up as a fiasco. Over a weekend when Mikhail Gorbachov was teaching the Politburo to sing a new song, the Amglo-Scottish band was performing the second of five concerts at one of Moscow's Palace of Sports, an 8,000 capacity ice skating rink called the Palace of Wings. But a voltage regulator, essential for protecting the group's sophisticated guitar electronics from the extreme fluctuations in the Moscow power supply, had been disconnected and the band was forced to give up half way through the first number, while the road crew… Continue reading

'Music to move mountains' is how Big Country would describe their unique sound. Maybe they won't quite manage that, but they've certainly been moving the charts with their single East Of Eden. The group have been incredibly busy thi9s year: they've toured America and have just released a new album, SteelTown.  They've also just completed the first leg of a big UK tour which will be getting under way again soon after a short break.

The big country of America has taken to the band in a big way, as singer Stuart Adamson explains:

"We've been successful in America, the album went gold and stuff like that, but that's the business side of the success, not ours.  To us it was just more gigs, more… Continue reading

Restless Natives

In 1994 i asked Stuart Adamson about the short acoustic segment in the Restless Natives Soundtrack @ 22.47 – 23.43. I told Stuart it was my fave part of the soundtrack and that something so beautiful deserved a name. Other segments had names, prob for their inclusion on the vinyl b sides (Margo/Highland). Stuart laughed when i 'hummed' the piece and turned my own question back on me asking what 'i thought it should be called?". (I had already named it in my own nerdy mind years earlier..) and told him i thought it sounded melancholy, like a funeral canticle (kinda reminded me of albinoni's adagio, used in 'the severed garden' by the doors) so told Stuart i thought of it as a… Continue reading

Interview with Stuart Adamson 1986

"It's all a bit disorientating for me," admits Big Country's Stuart Adamson, shaking his head and tucking into one of many Cokes he drinks these days ( he gave up alcohol last year)  "I find it really hard to be witty and chatty because I'm pretty serious about what I do and I'm really bad at making jokes on TV".  And he's even less keen today because the virus that he his wife Sandra, son Callum, daughter Kirstin and just about everyone  else he knows all got is coming back again. "It's like flu," he sniffes, "all shivery, and sore linbs and tired."

Even so, he's still enjoying life a lot more than at the end of their last tour, "… Continue reading

    Check Out the Drawing of Stuart Adamson    This drawing of Stuart Adamson was sent in to the Stuart Adamson Fans Website by David Browne. It was drawn in pencil way back in 1985. A big thank you to David for sharing this fantastic drawing it looks amazing….    


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