Bon Apetit!


Liner Notes by Stuart Adamson

This combination of songs represent our first stab at working together again after a two year lay off. We got together in Nashville to hang out and write together. Just looking for that little spark, that magical chemistry that let us know we were a band, some 18 years ago. We jammed with acoustic guitars (all the electrics are overdubs) and a small drum kit in a little country music rehearsal studio. Playing old songs, new songs, just shooting the shit being musicians and re-united friends. We hung out together. I had everyone in for dinner. Somehow Tony managed to get arrested. I drove everyone around too fast in my dumb-ass muscle car. Hey hey we're Big Country. It was rejuvenating, so we recorded it, around the corner from my house.

It's a little tentative, a bit shy. But look there, in the songs, in the feel of a band, isn't that chemistry…bon apetit!


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