Big Country gig review

Ingliston Royal Highland Showground

Here we are stranded in a de luxe cattle barn in the middle of nowhere, a paradise of steel and concrete, but hey c'mon in, its good and wholesome entertainment… or is it have my doubts. i just don't think that this scale of gathering has very much to do with rock 'n' roll if were talking about scale everything on show tonight is big: Big Country , Big songs, Big themes big guitars big money… but what happened to the sound far pummeling the faithful into willing submission, it had all the power of a beatbox adrift in a hurricane. worst of all was the bond's strange sense of theatre; a tacky gothic ruin passing for a stage set and some criminally unsubtle community singing then again this is where big country come into their own, audience becoming little more than an echo of their own chant.cold logic,but immaculate, but in spite of it all, i can,t find it in myself to dislike Stuart Adamson, a true man of the people. while they,re not big on black, big country are the henry fords of '80s rock the ultimate refinement of a marketing concept. you can have any song you like as long as its sounds just like the one 15 minutes ago!

By Grahame Bent


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