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Big Country. This music was not released on an album but was combined into two lengthy tracks, each featuring various pieces of music and clips of actors from the film’s audio, which appeared on limited edition formats of two Big Country 12″ singles. It was released on CD for the first time on the 1998 Big Country collection Restless Natives & Rarities, where it is presented as a single 35-minute track.


Restless Natives] [1985] Storyline

Restless Natives may be a film about working class Scots living outside the law in 1980s Edinburgh, but the comparisons with grittier, wittier fare like Trainspotting end there. This is a resolutely gentle, unchallenging film. It’s also more than a little silly – but don’t let that put you off.

Will (Friell) and Ronnie (Mullaney) are broke, and as Ronnie says, “without money you can’t do anything”. There are no jobs around for them that are worth doing. Ronnie is forced to work in a joke shop selling plastic poos to horrible little tykes while Will’s Dad (Hill) is constantly berating him for preferring to mooch around the house all day rather than pick litter for the local council. Their solution to the problem is unique. Donning novelty masks from Ronnie’s joke shop they take to the isolated roads around Glencoe on a motorbike and set themselves up as modernday highwaymen, holding up coach loads of tourists armed with nothing more than a plastic gun and a puffer that Ronnie says he’s loaded with”itching powder, sneezing powder, athlete’s foot powder and some stuff I got out of an old firework.”

Filmed in Scotland, the story follows the adventures of two young men who don masks (a clown and a wolf-man) and hold up tourist coaches in the
Highlands. These modern highwaymen become local folk heroes as well as a touTwo young Edinburgh lads become modern day highwaymen holding up tourist coaches in this fine comedy with a soundtrack by Big Country. Restless Natives has probably the higest scenery count of any movie filmed in Scotland. A low budget gem of a movie it is soon to be released in the UK on DVD after a long period of being unavailablerist attraction in themselves.

The beginning of the Japanese Suzuki motorcycle ‘advert’ sequence in Restless Natives was filmed on the track (old military road) running parallel
to the main A83 road at the Rest and Be Thankful pass, Argyll. This can best be seen at the carpark and viewpoint at the top of the pass.

The rest of the advert sequence was filmed where the track joins the minor road to Lochgoilhead near the carpark and viewpoint. The chase scenes
following the advert seqence were filmed at various places on the road to Lochgoilhead


This review is from: Restless Natives [DVD] [1985] (DVD)

This has been a long time coming. Funded by film 4, the film has everything… Cameos by all sorts of British Stars (Mel SMith Inc), fantastic locations, Brilliant soundtrack (now available on CD: Restless Natives and Rarities by Big Country) and some great acting and writing!

This review is from: Restless Natives [DVD] [1985] (DVD)

If you like gentle comedies with a cracking soundtrack then you’ll love this. As a previous reviewer stated, the soundtrack (by Big Country)deserved an Oscar nomination. Two naughty young scottish lads cause mayhem amongst the Scottish Highlands by robbing bus loads of American tourists disguised as a clown and wolfman. On their trail an inept police force aided and abetted by an even more inept American policeman. Brilliant script, brilliant story, brilliant acting, brilliant soundtrack – brilliant everything!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic ‘feel good’ film, on a small budget!, 9 Aug 2005  By David R. Moss “bacardibeast” (Cotswolds UK) – See all my review

I have been after this film for years!!! Finaly it’s here, and it’s just as good as I remember! OK, so I am a massive Big Country fan and that does make me biase, but this film just a brilliant romp from start to finish!  You start off being introduced to two bored lads, who are stuck in the worst jobs they could have imagend, in the heart of industrial Scotland. They decide to suppliment there income by highway robbery but don’t have the heart, or means, to use violence.

After a shakey start, the continue to “hold up buses!” full of aging and non too intelligent American Tourists. During one hiest, one of them falls for the tour guide. Thus insues a tangled, but litte hearted and easy to follow, story of innocent minded crime and blind luck, as the two become infamous Highland legends in a Rob Roy / Robin Hood style.

As the Wolfman tries to keep his sweet-heart and the Clown revels in the status of “Scotland 17th most wanted man”, things start to go wrong, and the two struggle to keep there friendship.

Finaly, good will out, and the two end the rein as legends, followed by the unworried Police and a Japanese camera crew. But as the film says “Is this the end, or just the beginning of the legend?”

The sound track is fantastic and really enhances the mood. The scenery is breath taking and the acting is simply brilliant from the two star’s in there first full length film.

I just hope you will enjoy the film as much as I have. And if you want a reminder of the ‘fell good’ facter, look out for the Big Country ablum ‘Restless Natives & rarities’.

I’ll see you just outside Glencoe, on a 125, with the sound track playing and enjoying the scenery!!!


Big Country Soundtrack Lyrics

Instrumental motion picture soundtrack including the songs “Home Come the Angels” and “Restless Natives” and instrumental excerpts entitled “Highland Scenery” and “Margo’s Theme”. The soundtrack also includes the following dialogue excerpts from the film:

Margo: And now to your left, you can see some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland. The mountain rising in the center is Ben Lochert, and in a cave on the other side, Bonny Prince Charlie is said to have taken refuge from the redcoats.

Will’s father: Ha! Police are today searching for two young Scots, who held up and robbed a coach-load of tourists on a remote Highland road, disguised as a clown and a wolfman. They took an estimated £600 in cash and an unknown quantity of valuables from the forty frightened passengers before riding off at high speed into the hills again.

Will: You don’t know me. You’ve never seen me before. You’ve never seen me before. [ghostlyvoice effect]

Margo: I know you.

Will: No, you don’t. Impossible! You can’t.

Margo: I do know you. What do they call you?

Will: My name is Will. You don’t know me. You’ve never seen me before. [ghostly voice effect]

Margo: Maybe I’ll see you again then,

Will. Will: I hold up buses. Margo: I’ve never met a robber before. It’s like Rob Roy isn’t it? There’s one legend that says the heroes aren’t dead at all; just sleeping underneath the hills. And one day they’ll come back.

Will: Like ghosts

Margo: Something like that. Do you believe in ghosts? [ghostly voice effect]

Ronnie: I’ve been holdin’ up buses. You know, like robbin’ them. Takin’ all the tourists’ money. Been in the papers and everythin’. I’m really quite enjoyin’ it. Anyway, I’ll try not to get in any trouble.

Ronnie: You see, I get things done. I found out about this place. A place where I can get around people who really know how to get things done. People like me. I’m a disadvantaged child. I don’t have the security of the family unit to back me up. I’ve got to do things on my own. Judges are lenient on people like me.

Will: And so amongst these rocks lived Through summer heat and winter snow The eagle he was lord above And Rob was lord below Man in bar: Alright, come on. Stand back you lot. Come on. Stand back. Give the boy some space. Lads, I have here the seventeenth most-wanted man in Scotland.[Cheering]

Bartender: What do you want?

Ronnie: I’ll have a ginger beer, thanks.

Will: Ronnie, d’ye wannae come tomorrow?

Ronnie: Aye.

Will: It’s all finished now, isn’t it? We’re still going. One more time to Strathault; the clown and the wolfman.[“Restless Natives” performed by Big Country] Police inspector: You’re bigger than the Loch Ness monster. Grossly irresponsible criminal behavior of the most flagrant kind. I canna let you go. Reporter: We may never know who they were. But one thing is certain. Now, no one can tame them. Is this the end of a story, or the beginning of a legend?

Margo: Do you believe in ghosts? [ghostly voice effect]

[“Home Came the Angels” performed by Big Country]

This compilation: ℗ 1998 Mercury Records Ltd. (London) © 1998 Mercury Records
Ltd. (London) a PolyGram company. Original Releases Of These Tracks Restless Natives & Rarities (1998) Sound track running time 34:57

Restless Natives

Film Poster Directed by Michael

Produced by



Mark Bentley

Written by Ninian



Joe Mullaney

Teri Lally

Ned Beatty


Bernard Hill

Mel Smith

Music by









Running time 90 minutes

Country Template:Film

Language English

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