Interview with Peter Wishart & Stuart Adamson of Big Country by presenter Malcolm Wilson and the ‘Teenage Team’.  The band of Clive Parker, Bruce Watson, and Alan & Peter Wishart met at Bruce’s flat and drove to Glasgow from Dunfermline (driven by Peter in his father’s car), to undertake their first interview prior to their first live dates. The music recordings that are being aired, were, technically speaking, not the full Big Country line-up, as they were demos that Stuart had recorded with Clive Parker at CBS’s studios in London.  No other recordings were available at the time that could be utilised.  The two songs are The Crossing and Lost Patrol, and Stuart played (and sung) everything on them, (apart from drums), including bass guitar although Bruce Watson was present at the Whitfield Street studio.

I (Clive Parker) made this recording at the time.  If you would like to make comments, or would like more information of when further recordings are made available, please send a friend request to me at Facebook;

The original recording suffered from a good deal of cassette hiss and hum which has been reduced as far as possible.  It has been restored using Korg D32XD hard-disk recording, Adam P33A monitoring, and Sony Vegas-7 editing.  This is excerpt 1 of 2.

This is part of a wider archiving project where I’ll be putting here original recordings and photographs I made when in other bands such as The Members, Spizzenergi and Athletico Spizz ’80, as well as my own material. (on youtube & facebook).  No reproduction or use without permission.

Clive Parker –
Big Country –
Peter Wishart –
Bruce Watson –

Huge thanks to Barbara Tuffin (Wilkinson) and Keith Parker, without whose support none of this would have happened.



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