A Poignant Moment at the Stuart Adamson Memorial Bench

Saturday 04/08/2012


Received this message on "We want a memorial for Stuart Adamson" (facebook page) from Anne Wilkie.

I think what happened tonight at Stuart's bench might mean something to you. Wasn't any drama, just a poignant moment.

So I messaged her on facebook and got the response below. 


It gave me serious goosebumps… We'd just been to see SLF play in the Pavilion, sat on the bench to let the crowds die down and reflect a bit. It was a completely still night, I had just commented on that fact to my partner, Harry, we were quietly listening to "In a Big Country" on my phone – when one branch of the tree just to the left as you sit on the bench rustled and swayed. Nothing else moved at all, the trees were completely still like the calm before a storm. We just kind of looked at each other a bit spooked and raised our eyebrows – and as we turned back round, a shooting star flew across the sky. For real. I actually feel a little emotional recounting/remembering it now. Thanks so much for all you did to get that bench put there, it's a beautiful spot

Thanks Anne for allowing us share your moment.


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