1978 Yamaha SG 2000


So! A Yamaha SG 2000 in sunburst! Built to exacting standards in the Yamaha factory in Japan, this through neck guitar almost put an end to Gibson’s supremacy as the premier maker of quality instruments. It has to be said that this SG 2000 is in excellent order. Having been crafted in 1978 it pre-dates the coil tap model of the early 1980s but don’t let that put you off. In every way it is at least equal to a Les Paul.


It has been said that Carlos Santana contributed towards the design of the Yamaha SG 2000 – he certainly can be seen playing just such an instrument in several online videos! My own particular favourite artist who used an SG 2000 was Stuart Adamson of Big Country.

The action on this guitar is incredible. The fingerboard in ebony is just a joy to play and the pickups are incredibly powerful.

The instrument comes in its original well made Yamaha case.










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