Signing the book of condolence

On Wednesday 11th April 2012 was the 54th birthday of the late Stuart Adamson.  Stuart was cremated at Dunfermline crematorium on the 16th December 2001.

This year I felt the need sign the book of condolence so I travelled up to Scotland with my partner Ryan to sign the book in his memory.  This was the first year that I have actually ventured up to do this.  Perhaps like so many I have been in denial about his death for many years, (as I never went to his memorial service when he died) people who know me probably think this already.  It was a very emotional time for me and quite a few tears where shed in the process.


I also signed the book on behalf of the fans on this website and fans from social networking sites.  The message was as follow:

Stuart you were an inspiration to me and many fans all over the world. 

We still think about you, miss you and your spirit lives on in your music

Happy 54th Birthday..

God Bless you X


This day I will remember you

This way i will always return

This day I will remember you

This way I will always return………..


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