Leaders of the Pack 10/03/1989

Motorcycles have long had a close relationship with rock ‘n’roll, providing the inspiration for countless songs and rebelilous ideas.  But now rock is putting something in to biking, with Big Country founder and frontman Stuart Adamson sponsoring Kirkcaldy racer Iain Duffus.

This season will be the fifth time that Stuart has backed Iain’s championship challenges, but this year, Iain has gone full-time.

Stuart told the Press how their racing partnership began:  “Iain used to work as a saleman and I bought a bike from him”.

“Then I saw him race and I thought he had quite a bit of raw talent, so I approached him and asked if he was looking for sponsorship.  We started off with Kawasaki, then moved on to Suzuki and Yamaha and now we’re back to Suzuki.”

In fact, Iain will race a Suzuki 1100 and two Hondas this year.

“I was at a national meeting in California last year and Scotlands’s Niall Mackenzie was leading for a couple of laps. I must have been the only scotsman in the crowd and i was going mental but he eventually finished third.”

Knockhill is widely regarded as being something of a classic bike circuit with its tight and twisty track – a repuation Adamson endorses.

“I’ve been to circuits in America and this compares well,” he said. “It’s maybe not as luxurious, but all the essentials are here in the right places and it’s very professional.  All credit to Derek Butcher and Eric Houston, Owner and manager.”

Adamson’s own interest in bikes began as a youngster, but his parents were none to keen and so he did not purchase his first bike until his early 20′s.

“Racing bikes is something I always wanted to do, but you have to start young and I feel it takes a particular talent.

“My talent seemd to be for  singing and playing the guitarr,” added Stuart, accepting that his passion for racing has to be restricted to the occasional spin round Knockhill.


Quoted by GeorgeEdwards

Stuart was regularly at Knockhill racing circuit wandering about the pits, I remember him coming to speak to my mate who was racing that day, when he left I discovered who he was and that got me listening a bit more to there music and eventually becoming a fan. At that time he was riding a Yamaha FJ1200 and I am told he was no slouch going round the track on practice days. If my memories correct he may have also sponsored Ian Simpson



Quoted by MarkBrock

Adamson was also a keen motorcyclist and regularly purchased new machines for riding around Fife. His interest extended to the race track where he sponsored British Championship rider Iain Duffus in the late eighties.

Stuart Adamson of big country , fantastic guy used to sponser iain duffus (duffus 1000cc suzuki had Big Country on its fairing). I met stuart at a big country convention for the release of “why the long face” when i spoke to him it was about motorbikes and racing, he was telling me about lapping knockhill on duffus bike, we (me) mocked the le bon (simon and david)brothers bike riding skills and stuart really wanted to know who won the imola? world superbike races that day “more than likely fogarty” i said, stuart agreed. turned out g.fallappa did the double. at the time stuart had a cbr600, he would have loved to race bikes. great man always had time for everyone….oh yeah we joked about how duffus had so much bad luck whilst sponsered by Big Country and how he was doing so well when they stopped sponsering him.

Quoted by PeterHarrop

As with the above.. cheers for the pics. great to see them. I had the fortune to have discussed with Stuart in ’94 the subject of his bikes. I originally discovered his interest through reading an article on him in the mid eighties (either the NME or Melody Maker) that he used to ride to recording studios or record company in london on a kawasaki GPz 900r which was a cool bike back then. Upon meeting him in 94, he and i had a chat outside the Manchester Academy after the gig. I had to ask him about whether he still sponsored Iain Duffus, as i’d seen a bike a few years before in Sharples Tyre Centre near Bolton Lancs with the sponsorship name as StuartAdamson Big Country possibly an RC30 Honda? to which he replied “nooo i dinea and the bastard won the TT on a 600 this year.” His sponsored bike, also appeared in a tyre testing article in performance bikes magazine in about 92/93. so yeah, he was biker, a great guitarist, singer, songwriter and as we all know, a real good guy and a dude of a bloke. RIP Stuart you are sadly missed .. peter manchester (near where you were born. sale stretford….)




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