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Like a flower in some forest that the world will never see I will stand so proud for I know what we can be.

With these beautiful inspirational lyrics from a band that ignited within me and so many a spirit and passion for a beloved nation I started upon this long long journey . A devoted fan like so many. Indeed that so many fans remain fiercely loyal to a band from my youth is testament to their unique sound and above all belief in creating music from the heart. It is this shared experience which holds true then and indeed now.

Throughout our lives the band and crucially the late Mr Stuart Adamson have through such stunning lyrics spoken and guided us on this journey. In such times of need I and no doubt many have relied on the wisdom and observation from the genius of Mr Adamson and indeed the members of the band. It has held us in good stead and given great comfort in the turbulent storms of life. It has pointed the way and shown breadth of vision and love never before expressed in music of my generation. Throughout all of this we had our symbol our hope and admiration.

For those who know me well to write these words in the context of the death of Mr Adamson is sadness beyond all measure. The very depth of it fills me now with a longing to a time that has passed. How many tears fell upon our dreams. As if the time of hope had indeed passed like a spark.

The tenth anniversary is soon upon us. Within my heart like so many fans I yearned to celebrate Mr Adamson life. To mark with utter sincerity our love and devotion and above all to recognise his compelling, heartfelt and utter belief in his music and roots. He gave so much and as ever love did remain.

As is documented on a trip to Dunfermline earlier this year [2011] I was so saddened that there was no official memorial to him. It was a wrong which I felt must be righted. The fans and indeed the world should have a place to mark the respect of this great man. That lead to the highly successful campaign for a commemorative bench.

Sitting alone and reflecting on what was an emotional yet uplifting journey and never one to rest I cast my thoughts on how Stuart’s legend and music should be celebrated worldwide. Here we sit In this modern world of electronic communication where every thought, action and reaction can be read, poured over and pondered. It seemed the obvious medium and one which would be easy to access by our dedicated fans. so welcome then to this a new venture. I do hope you like the site. Please send me your comments and suggestions.

Stuart Adamson and Big country started in me and so many others a fire within. That flame burns today as bright as ever. We hold the light to our hearts in his memory. God Bless Stuart.

I would like to thank so many people firstly the fans for their support. They have been amazing giving me the courage and inspration to continue both my projects. Believe me I have hit many hurdles and their support has help me along the road.

I would also like to thank Colin “Cob” Harrower, without his help and dedication this the website would of not been at all possible.

This site is dedicated to a special person, Anis Waiz for whom without his support and encouragement both of my projects would not have been possible.